Generali awards 90,000 euros to the most sustainable SMEs

The sustainability It is becoming more and more important in business projects. For this reason, Generali has decided to reinforce its commitment to this concept and promote for the second consecutive year the SME EnterPrize Awardsan initiative to recognize the best practices developed by companies with up to 200 employees that have represented a positive impact during the last year.

The prizes have an economic endowment of €90,000, one of the highest in Spain and will recognize initiatives that belong to the following categories:

labor welfare

That recognizes companies that have applied measures for the well-being and conciliation of employees and their families.

environmental sustainability

Category that aims to distinguish small and medium-sized companies capable of applying processes that reduce the consumption of resources, attend to the recycling and recovery of raw materials, generating a positive impact on the surroundings and the environment.

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Social impact

It takes into account the social actions carried out by companies that have improved the community or the environment in which they operate, with special attention to the most disadvantaged groups.


Eligible companies can apply in any of the three categories Until May 31 through the form that you will find on the web: The winners of each category will receive a prize of 30,000 euros that will allow them to develop a sustainable project related to the category in which they are awarded.

The initiative, which was a complete success in the last edition, is part of Generali’s commitment to support a more resilient economy that facilitates the sustainable transition of SMEs and increases their competitiveness to face the future.

For Javier Aguirre de Cárcer, director of communication at Generali: “At Generali we understand that supporting SMEs is key to promoting the transformation of the economy towards more committed and fair models. Only with everyone’s support will we achieve changes in the real economy that help alleviate the climate emergency and boost the growth of society.”

The winners at the national level will be announced in the month of July, and will compete at the international level with the winners of the EnterPriz Awardswhich are also being held this year in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Poland in an event that will take place in Brussels on October 26, in the presence of the main European institutions.

The winners of the EnterPRIZE awards in 2021 were Cajamir, from Zamora, in the environmental sustainability category for its sustainable management of the MV Geriatría care center for the elderly; the Mapiser company from Zaragoza won the category of social sustainability for its work in social inclusion; and RIOMA, winner in the solidarity category for combating social exclusion through its Foundation. Each of them received 30,000 euros to finance their sustainable project over 12 months.

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