Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing, Minecraft … Twitter unveils its 2021 report

With several billion tweets dedicated to video games in 2021, Twitter proves once again that its platform is an essential place of exchange for players around the world.

The blue bird hasn’t finished singing. With the start of the year 2022, a good number of platforms have engaged in the retrospective game. From Spotify and PornHub, to Fitbit and Instagram, even the music recognition app Shazam has taken stock of the past year, while sharing its predictions for the biggest hits of 2022. This week, it’s It’s Twitter’s turn to share its 2021 review, with a gaming retrospective that highlights the successes of recent months.

Genshin, Apex and Animal Crossing

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The least we can say is that the year has been rich in gaming releases. Among the most popular global trends, however, there are some industry landmarks, such as Minecraft and Final fantasy. More recent, the battle royale also arrives in a good position in the ranking, since in second and tenth places, we find respectively the games Apex Legends and Fortnite, particularly popular with younger people. In sixth position, it is the phenomenon Animal Crossing which is also making its debut in the ranking. Very popular during the first confinement, the opus New horizons released in 2020 on Nintendo Switch seems to have succeeded in the difficult bet of renewing itself over the months, by offering original DLC, and new seasonal content.

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Finally in the first place of video game trends on Twitter in 2021, we find the Chinese RPG Genshin Impact. Also released in 2020, MiHoYo’s game has been a real success internationally. If his popularity seems to be slowing down a bit over time, he takes pride of place in discussions on Twitter. In total in 2021, more than 2.4 billion tweets relating to video games which were posted on the platform with the blue logo, an increase of 14% compared to 2020 notes the company in an official press release, and a tenfold increase since 2017. In France, the ranking differs slightly, since ‘in addition to Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing and Fortnite, we also find League of Legends, FIFA, GTA and The Legend of Zelda.

Esport is also a recipe

More than a platform for talking about gaming, Twitter has also succeeded in establishing itself over the years as the favorite spot for esports fans to comment on their favorite matches. In first place in the ranking of the most popular teams of 2021, we find Loud eSport, closely followed by FaZe Clan and paiN Gaming. The social network was also an opportunity for the community to express themselves on the biggest events of the year, starting with E3 2021, which this year had to be content with an entirely online edition because of the health situation.

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