Get a month of Disney + for less than 2 euros

Disney+ is a relatively young platform, barely more than three years old (in the US) and a little less in our country. But the strength of its franchises is such that it has practically reached second place faster than any other has been able to keep up. Now, taking advantage of the recent commemoration of Disney Day 2022, great news is coming for those who have not yet tried their service.

An irrefutable offer

Last September 8 is Disney Day and that meant, as always, the celebration of a huge party around the fans and the main franchises of the platform. Proof of this is that one of the first news they gave us was a welcome gift, offering anyone interested the possibility of subscribing to the platform for a price of only 1.99 euros for the first month.

Disney+ offer 1.99 euros.

This means that, unlike HBO Max, which for its arrival in Spain launched a promotion of just five euros for life, on this occasion It will only last us the first 30 days. Then it will rise until it is at the same level as the one paid by the rest of the users of the streaming application, that is, 8.99 euros.

Is there any specific requirement to take advantage of this promotion? Well, the truth is that no. That promo of 1.99 euros for a month of access to the Disney + catalog is focused on enticing both new users and those who have already subscribed and for some reason they decided to quit. In this way, if you are in such a situation, you can also reactivate the account by taking advantage of this promotion that has been in operation since last September 8 and see you tomorrow, september 19 included. And if we tell you the truth, if you subscribed again, you wouldn’t be doing it at a bad time.

Big news from today

Regardless of how long you have been away from the platform, if you decide to rejoin today you will have a premiere of bells. neither more nor less than Pinocchiothe live-action version of the legendary 1940 cartoon movie and directed by none other than Robert Zemeckis, the man behind such classic works as the trilogy of Return to the future, Forrest Gump either Polar Express.

Disney Day 50th anniversary DisneyWorld.

If with Pinocchio you do not have enough, remember that it has been available for a few weeks Lightyearthe Pixar film inspired by the character of Buzz in toy storyeither Thor: Love and Thunder fresh from the theaters and of course Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. For the 21st of this month the franchise of starwars will receive new content with the premiere of Andor, the series inspired by one of the key characters of rogue one In addition to the complete first season of Obi-Wan Kenobi. And in addition to all of the above, if you rejoin now you will be able to attend the end of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk from Marvel.

Although we touch a little far, this Disney Day has also meant the celebration of special events in all the theme parks scattered around the world – with special attention to the D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event that opened its doors on September 9 in Anaheim, California – and that lasted for two days.

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