Get ahead of Black Friday with this offer on Surfshark’s VPN

Connecting to the Internet and maintaining our privacy is increasingly complicated. From the browser to our Internet company, the websites we visit, government organizations and hackers seek, simply by connecting to the Internet, to get hold of our data. And, if we really care about our privacy, what we should do is leave our privacy in the hands of a good VPN, as is the case with Surfshark.

Although there are many VPN servers to choose from, not all are equally reliable or protect our data the same when we connect to the Internet. Therefore, if what we want is to be really protected from espionage and possible data theft, we must make sure that the server we choose is prepared for it.

Why choose Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the best VPN servers that we can find on the web, both in terms of security and privacy, and in terms of speed. The first thing we can highlight about this service is that it has servers with a bandwidth up to 10 Gbps, reducing bottlenecks to a minimum to guarantee maximum speed to a greater number of users.

This server supports all major VPN protocols such as IKEv2 / IPsec, OpenVPN (both UDP and TCP), WireGuard, and Shadowsocks (Windows and Android only). Additionally, it uses AES 256 GCM encryption on all connections. It also has its own private DNS, and its servers do not have hard drives, using only RAM.

This server has been audited by the company Cure53, obtaining excellent results in terms of privacy. And one of the most important aspects is that it is a totally log-free server, that is, that absolutely no logs of the connections or the use made of the service.

Surfshark - Windows - Connected + Settings

Surfshark’s service offers us an all-in-one solution in terms of security and privacy. It is compatible with all types of operating systems and devices, and, in addition to protecting our point-to-point connections, it has a system antivirus that protects us from malware, a private search mode that block cookies search engines like Google and a system of alerts that alerts us when bank details, or passwords, have been leaked.

Want view Netflix library from other countries? This VPN server allows us to connect to the streaming platform in more than 30 different countries. And not only Netflix, but it is also compatible with other streaming platforms for series and movies, such as Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, DAZN and HBO, among others.

Save with Black Friday deals

Although we can find free VPN servers, they actually pose a danger to users. In the end, they have to make money in some way, and they can do it by selling their customers’ information, or by injecting advertising into the navigation. Luckily, Surfshark is a paid VPN server. This means that you can cover costs without problems, and earn money, thanks to the payment of user subscriptions. And this is the only way that our data can remain totally private and that browsing is anonymous.

Like many other companies, Surfshark wants to take advantage of Black Friday to help us save on these types of services. Thus, all those users interested in getting this excellent VPN can save up to 83% when hiring the service for 2 years. In addition, we will get 3 months free for doing so.

The Surfshark price for 27 months service (24, plus 3 free) is 52.81 euros. This makes the price per month 1.96 euros. An unbeatable price for everything that this service offers us. In addition, if we are not satisfied, we have a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of service.

Do not miss this opportunity. The data they get from us when we surf the Internet is worth much more. Protect them properly.

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