Get AirPods Pro for less. They are at a minimum price!

If you’re thinking of buying Apple’s AirPods Pro or 2nd Gen AirPods, maybe now is a great time to do so. In the company’s stores they are still at the same price as when they were released, but Apple itself also offers them in stores like Amazon where they are now with salesin their prices that makes them very tempting. We will tell you all the details below.

AirPods Pro: this is your discount

Apple is not expected to renew the ‘Pro’ range of its flagship headphones until next year, so the current model remains a great purchase option. A highlight is its design with style headphones in-ear to which are added three pad sizes so that they are compatible with all types of ears. In functionalities they have Noise Cancellation as the highlight, having a good sound balance in music playback and with a autonomy 4-5 hours and a really surprising battery health according to what were the first Apple AirPods that after a year of use already suffered too much.

In Apple they cost 279 euros, which although it is a high price, the truth is that it is in line with the sector. However, they can now be found on Amazon. for 90 euros less, a reduction that is the largest since they went on the market. And all this being headphones completely new and original to which we must add one 2 years warranty, with Apple management during the first of them and Amazon during the second.

AirPods Pro

The AirPods 2 are also on sale

It is true that it is expected that at the end of this year we will see the third generation AirPods, but little is known about their benefits and their price. Today the cheapest option is the second generation AirPods, which do not have noise cancellation like the ‘Pro’, but they are still excellent headphonesto listen to music, podcast or consume series and movies.

There are two versions that are identical in absolutely everything, except for one thing: the charge of the case. In the most expensive version, you can charge this using a wireless charging base or cable, while in the cheap option, only cable. Taking into account that it is the only difference and that in both cases we find the cable in the box, perhaps we would recommend the cheap option more. Precisely that option is the only one with stock now and that has 50 euros discount on Amazon with identical guarantees to those discussed for the ‘Pro’.

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