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Pokémon Monopoly – Kanto Edition

Choose your starter Pokémon and conquer the 8 Kanto medals in the classic game of Monopoly. As always, the Monopoly games are quite adapted to the franchise with which they make the crossover. And in this case, it is no less. The Pokémon Monopoly board is made up of gyms. Each color is the gym of a city of the Kantō region. For example, the first lane represents Silver City, with Brock’s gym (brown), and Celeste City, led by Misty. To win a gym, we will have to get all the properties of the same color. Once you have possession of a city, you have to build stores Pokémon and hotels, which represent the pokemon centers.

This Monopoly basically follows the series aesthetic television and not so much the video game. There are a total of three different reviews of this game, although you will usually find the English version. However, if you know how to play Monopoly, the language should not be an impediment. And if not, you can always use Google Translate on your mobile in camera mode if you don’t fully understand a specific letter. Usually the game is full of small details which are worth it if you are a fan of pocket monsters, especially if you fell in love with the saga during the first generation.

There is also a Johto versionin the same style, but adapting the board to the map of the second generation of Pokémon.

ONE – Pokémon

pokemon one cards

The UNO is a classic, and it adapts very easily to all kinds of franchises. Basically, because the game remains almost unchanged, and only personalize playing cards, in this case, with Pokémon. still yeah there is a way to play with some changed rules, which differentiate this game a bit from the others. Regarding the game itself, there is little to comment that we do not already know. Is a very fun strategy game, with different color cards that will make us squeeze a bit with its various mechanics.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokémon card game is almost as popular as video games, although it is only suitable for the most pure fans of the saga. The game is designed by Wizards of the Coastso it’s no coincidence that it shares a lot of mechanics with Magic: The Gathering. There are many generations of TCG and decks can be purchased in many different ways, from buying loose envelopes to buying thematic packs or even second-hand collections. It’s a game for two people and, although the learning curve is steep at first, the truth is that it has an easy to understand mechanics. There is also a free online version of the gamevery useful to learn strategy while you still haven’t been able to get hold of a handful of cards that have a good synergy effect.

Regarding age, The Pokémon Company considers the game to be suitable for ages 7 and up. Probably because the original game was already released with those age limits. Nevertheless, there is a reduced version of the game intended for children, as we will show you later.

Pokemon board games for kids

Pokemon Labyrinth – Ravensburger

Ravensburger, Pokemon Labyrinth

This board game is available with motifs from different franchises, and is designed to older than seven years. It is a board game where they will be able to play games ofand 2 to 4 players. The object of the game is to find a series of treasures hidden throughout the maze. However, it has its complications, the labyrinth undergoes certain alterations each turnforcing children to be attentive, to quickly reason out strategy changes and, in general, to develop the logical thinking. Only the most cunning will get the treasure along with their favorite starter Pokémon. The games usually last between 20 and 30 minutes, although the normal thing is that, after the first game, the rest of the players ask the winner for a rematch, since it is a game that encourages you to play a couple of times in a row.

Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy

Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy,

There have been multiple versions of Pokémon games of this style over the years. As you know, Pokémon has a large part of its business centered on its card game, which is very popular and world championships are held every year. However the meta game of Pokémon Trading Card Game is a bit complex, and The Pokémon Company has never wanted to miss the opportunity to train the little ones in their game. That is why this Battle Academy exists, which is nothing more than a game of Pokemon Trading Card Game Simplifiedfor what two players over 6 years old can learn the basics of the Pokémon card games. The game consists of 3 different decks with 60 cards each. Each deck has a protagonist: Mewtwo, Charmander and Pikachu. As a negative point, the game is in English, but it is so intuitive that it is not a barrier even for the little ones. However, if you have doubts, in the comments on Amazon there is a discussion of parents in the ‘questions’ section where they explain in detail why it does not matter too much that the game is not in Spanish.

In any case, it is a very good way to learn pokemon card game and have a few basic notions before making the jump to the full card game.

Pokemon Trainer Trivia Game

pokemon trivia.

If your children are starting out with Pokémon and you want them to have a good level of English, this Trivial can be very entertaining. thousand questions different about Pokémon, true or false. And it is answered through an interactive color keyboard. There is three levels of difficulty, from questions for beginners to others that only true Pokémon masters will know how to answer. They can play at the same time a total of dand 4 playersalthough it also has a solo modeto train a little.

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