Get better efficiency and PC cabling with Nfortec Vanth sources

When assembling a Gaming PC, one does not usually think much about its energy consumption, which begins with the power supply. But in these times, choosing a source with good energy efficiency is becoming important. As is the case with those that offer 80 Plus Gold certification, such as these Nfortec Vanth.

Nfortec Vanth Font Specifications

NFortec has just launched new power supplies for ATX-type towers, this time with 80 Plus Gold certification, which means that they can reach a 87% energy efficiency. And it does it in three different versions: 650 W, 750 W and 850 W. Which share the same basic benefits. Starting with its dimensions, which are 150mm x 86mm x 160mm

All three models make use of modular cabling and have the following cables and connectors:

  • Two 8-pin EPS connectors to power the system CPU.
  • Four connectors for the PCI Express expansion slots.
  • Eight connectors for SATA, Four 4-pin MOLEX connectors.
  • An additional FDD connector.
  • One power supply for the motherboard, 20 + 4 pins of the ATX type

It also has the required pProtection against over voltage (OVP), short circuit (SCP), under voltage (UVP) and overheating (OTP). Apart from being equipped with a 140 mm fan in the upper part of the fountain for cooling, which adjusts its speed as necessary at all times.

In addition, Nfortec has made his power supply is fully modular, which means that we only have to connect the cables that we need for our configuration, which reduces the tangle of cables and allows us to have the interior of our tower more orderly and clean, without cables that we are not going to use at all.

Other details to highlight of these power supplies

NFortec Vanth

The first of these is its energy specifications, the Withstand AC input voltage ranges from 100 V to 240 V with a frequency between 47 and 63 Hz. But the energy supply that it gives to the components is different in its different output connectors depending on whether we are talking about one model or another.

DC Output Nfortec Vanth 650 W Nfortec Vant 750 W Nfortec Vant 850 W
+5 V 20 A / 100 W / 650 W 22 A / 120 W / 750 W 22 A / 120 W / 850 W
+3.3 V 20 A / 100 W / 650 W 22 A / 120 W / 750 W 22 A / 120 W / 850 W
+12 V MBPH 25A / 300W / 650W (combined) 25 A / 300 W / 750 W (combined) 25A / 300W / 850W (combined)
+12 V CPU 25 A / 300 W / 650 W (combined) 25 A / 300 W / 750 W (combined) 25 A / 300 W / 850 W (combined)
+12 V VGA1 30 A / 360 W / 650 W (combined) 35 A / 420 W / 750 W (combined) 40 A / 480 W / 850 W (combined)
+12 V VGA2 30 A / 360 W / 650 W (combined) 35 A / 420 W / 750 W (combined) 40 A / 480 W / 850 W (combined)
-12 V 650 W 750 W 850 W
+5 VSB 650 W 750 W 850 W

As can be seen in the table, the three models differ in the amount of energy with which the PCI Express ports are fed, feeding the CPU with a maximum of 300 W. Of course, the combined consumption is obviously much more. low, so by logic, what is delivered to the expansion ports cannot be delivered to the CPU and vice versa. The reason why we leave you this table is simple, it is about power supplies designed to be served with the latest generation gaming hardware, but today in the cost of a PC we also have to take into account the cost of energy.

If you are interested in these NFortec power supplies at the moment you can buy them on their official website with a 5% discount, they will also be on sale on Amazon and PCComponentes.

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