Get cheaper AirPods now (all have a discount)

Right now you can brand new AirPods, since the entire range is on sale. Of course, it is not in the Apple Store as such but in Amazon, a store in which the Californian company itself sells its devices. Also, it had not been a long time that they were all on sale, so regardless of which model you want, you can pay less for it.

From basics to ‘Max’: deals on AirPods

We begin by telling you that AirPods 2 They are currently available on Amazon for 136 euros in their versions without wireless charging for the case, while the one that supports this charge is priced at 179. The latter is remarkable because it means paying 50 euros less than what they cost at Apple just a few weeks ago.

The brand new AirPods 3 launched on the market just a month ago are also already on sale. The discount they offer is not much, since it is only 15 euros less, but it is a saving the less interesting and to take into account. Their improvements in sound and especially battery make them worth more than the previous ones.

AirPods 3 on the bench

* Note: shortly after this note was published, the AirPods 3 have returned to their original price of 199 euros. However, they could fall in price again at any time according to the strategies that are usually carried out at Amazon.

For the AirPods Pro we find two possibilities. One of them is to acquire the version that has a case with MagSafe for 14 euros less than at Apple. The other is to acquire them with 50 euros discount without this compatibility, being otherwise identical in performance and also having wireless charging.

airpods pro magsafe

And if you want to go to the extreme of higher quality in Apple headphones, the AirPods Max they are the chosen ones. Although it depends on the color chosen, these have discounts of up to 120 euros that make them much more affordable than the 629 euros they cost at Apple. Considering they are high-end, it’s a great deal.

AirPods Max opinion user experience review

About warranty

Something to keep in mind about these offers is that they are totally new and original products, so you should not worry that your discount is due to being second-hand or something similar. You will also have 2 years warranty that will be covered by Apple during the first and by Amazon during the second. To this are added facilities in the payment, which is done through the secure Amazon platform and from which you can obtain a refund If you return them in 30 days, even if you have tried them.

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