Get directly into Windows 10 without using a password

In fact, we could say that these welcome or login screens are common to most of the devices and systems we deal with today. We could say that these act as the border between turning on the equipment and accessing the system. In the past as soon as we turn on our computer we had direct access to all content stored in it.

But over time, security-related measures have been gradually increasing. This has been very welcome for most, as well as something that could be considered necessary.

How to safeguard access for Windows computer

There are several of the ways that we currently have to access our computers, both desktop and mobile. We have access through the conventional password, using a pin, a system of biometrics, etc. Be that as it may, in most cases the use of a login screen with its corresponding access code has become essential.

We must bear in mind that home screens session are useful to safeguard the security of all our files and folders and stored on disk drives. In fact, most of the time you want to have that extra layer of security in place to prevent others from easily logging into your Windows computer. Moreover, even if we are the only users who have access to that particular PC, the use of an access password is equally important, for what may happen.

login screen

But despite everything we tell you, everyone is free to do whatever they want with their computer. What we mean by this is that it may be the case that there are users who prefer to do without this login or welcome screen. In the event it is worth mentioning that we have the possibility to ignore it every time we turn on our equipment. The advantages of this is that we will not have to go through the authentication phase every time we turn on the PC. We can directly access our applications and content thus saving some time.

However, if you are in a position where you know that others are not going to access your PC and you want to be able to press that power button and boot directly to Windows 10, then you can do something to bypass that login screen. on Windows 10.

Bypass the login screen in Windows 10

Therefore, if you are one of those people who prefers save a few seconds When you turn on your computer by removing the welcome screen, we will show you how to do it. First of all, for this to work we will have to use a local account from Windows 10 instead of one from Microsoft linked to your email. This is a change that we can carry out easily and quickly, as we will show you below. And it is that we must bear in mind that in the event that we want or need, for whatever reason, to use the account linked to that of Microsoft, we will not be able to make the change in the welcome screen that we are looking for here.

Change Windows account type

To make sure you do so, click on the start button. Then, click on the image of your account and here we opted for the option Change account settings.

Change account settings

In the new window that appears on the screen, now we have to click on Sign in with a local account. We will only have to follow the instructions of the wizard that will appear to be able to achieve what we are looking for. Next, from the Windows 10 desktop itself, we use the Win + R key combination. This will lead us to the run box window where we type the following command:


This will give us direct access to the window of User account The operating system. From this window, we select the username corresponding to the account with which you do not want to use with a login screen. The most common is that this is the main account, that is, the one that is located in the Administrators group.

user account

Disable the Google login screen

Once we have selected the account in question what we want to skip that screen, we will see that it is highlighted in blue. Once we have reached this point we will have to uncheck the top box that reads Users must enter their username and password to use this account. Finally, we only have to click on the Accept button for the changes to take effect.

And that is all we initially have to do to make the changes that we have mentioned before on the welcome screen. Therefore, from now on we will be able to skip the login screen. We already told you before that this will give us the possibility to log in to Windows 10 much more immediately.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to know that we can always reactivate this function if we consider it necessary. Thus, to re-enable the login screen, we just have to follow the same steps listed above. The change here is that when we get to the user accounts window, we will have to check the box that was previously unchecked.

In the same way, if we change your local account to Microsoft again, the login screen just as it was at the beginning.

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