Get €15 free for using Amazon Photos. Check if you can get them


If you’re a Prime member, now you can get 15 euros discount on future purchases, plus unlimited photo storage, all as a result of Prime Day. You can also get a great offer on technological gadgets today, which makes this credit even more attractive, since it will not be the only thing you can save in these moments of crisis.

With a infinite backup in the cloud, you can always have your favorite photos and never lose them, since they will be safeguarded against any problem that may arise. You can get it if you meet the necessary requirements, simply by clicking here. If you meet the requirements imposed by Amazon for its customers, then you will be able to access this offer. In case you don’t know what those requirements are, here’s a summary:

  • Be an Amazon Prime customer. If you are not, you can try it for free too.
  • customers and purchases from Spain.
  • Upload at least one image through Amazon Photos.

You will receive a €15 discount on your order in about 7 days. You will receive it by email, in the form of promotional discount code. You can use the credit on for products and digital content as long as you enter a promotional code to make purchases. Naturally, it will only be applicable to the products and digital content of this website until November 15, 2022, the date on which the credit expires. Before that, you have time to think about how you want to spend it.

And to finish, it should also be noted that the offer will not only be available during Prime Day. Amazon has wanted to extend it beyond that and you can opt for it until October 31, 2022. A deadline to allow you to focus today on the Prime Day deals and to be able to save a lot of money for the purchases planned for Christmas or to get everything you need for yourself.

More information: €15 when using Amazon Photos

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