Get free FIFA 22 packs with Amazon Prime Gaming

Like every year, Amazon has reopened its monthly rewards related to FIFA, and has already opened its peculiar loot with which to offer free FIFA FUT 22 packs to all those Prime Gaming users who request it. Do you want to know what you have to do to get it? Well, keep reading that we tell you.

How to get free envelopes in FIFA with Amazon

The idea of ​​this gift collection is for users to link their EA and Amazon Prime accounts to get the loot completely free of charge. If you have already been receiving free games from Amazon Prime Gaming before, you will know that by having an Amazon Prime account (the one you use to have free shipping costs on Amazon) you can enjoy a lot of free games and gift add-ons every month Well, this FIFA is part of all that.

If you have not redeemed anything from EA so far, you will have to do the following steps, and that is that you will have to link your EA account with that of Prime Gaming so that, when you redeem the loot, the gift goes directly to your FIFA 22 account. With the linked accounts, you will only have to request the loot to receive them. But let’s go step by step.

How to link Prime Gaming account with EA account

FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Packs

The first thing you will have to do is enter the Prime Gaming website and sign in with your Amazon Prime account. Thus, you will have identified yourself and you can continue with the rest of the steps more easily.

The next step you will have to do is go to the fifa loot you want to get and click on request it now. The web will immediately ask you to link your EA account with your Amazon Prime subscription to get the rewards in the game, so you just have to click on Link accounts so you can log in after you’ve given EA permission to access your Prime account.

FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Packs

After completing the login and completing the linking of the accounts, you will only have to ask for your free reward.

Remember that after completing the process, you will have to open FIFA on the console or PC to claim your envelopes, which you will be waiting for in the store section, within the FUT mode. As you might expect, these packs don’t guarantee great players, but at least the average rewards will be fine. They guarantee +81 players and a loan from a top player, so you could scratch something good.

Free envelopes every month

Prime Gaming loot is renewed every month, and in the case of FIFA 22, it will be a repetitive loot that you can get month after month until September 2022. This means that just by having an Amazon Prime account you can always have free monthly envelopes and when you access and claim Prime Gaming loot. So you will have a monthly task to sign up for on your agenda.

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