Get help with your Mac computer’s battery

Get help with your Mac laptop battery

No matter how well you take care of a Mac computer, because the battery health It will gradually deteriorate over time. weather and for a continued use. A deteriorated battery over time will have less load, which makes you need to charge it more frequently. In the event that it is quite deteriorated, it must be replaced by a technician specialized in Apple brand products.

Don’t worry, because I’m going to describe how you can quickly check the condition where your Mac’s battery is located. Also, I’m going to show you how to optimize battery life of your Apple-branded device, solve possible problems and obtain the necessary help from Apple technical support.

How to optimize battery life

Improve battery life Depends on usage and settings that you have established on your Mac computer. For this reason, I am going to describe in a few simple steps how to carry out the necessary checks and configurations, to make the most of the potential of your Mac’s battery.

Check battery status

If you want to check the battery statusyou must do it in the battery status menu or in the battery preferences panel. In macOS Big Sur or a later version, you will need to select the Apple menu > System Preferencesclick Drums and select Battery in the sidebar. Next, you’ll need to click Battery Health. In macOS Catalina or earlier versions, you will need to hold down the Option key and simultaneously click on the battery iconfound in the menu bar.

The different states of a computer’s battery are indicated as Mac Normal or Recommended Repair. In this way, the battery works normally if it indicates Mac Regular. On the contrary, the battery stores less charge or does not work normally, if it indicates recommended repair. In the latter case, you can continue to use your Mac computer safely, but it is recommended that the battery be examined by an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Retail Store. In earlier versions of macOS, you might see a Repair Battery, Replace Now, or Replace Soon status.

Check battery preferences

The first step is to improve the battery life of your Mac notebook with the settings of the panel Drums in System preferences. In order to see the battery settings, you just have to select the Apple menu to access System Preferences where you have to click on Drums and select Battery in the sidebar. Then you will need to use the following settingsto obtain it maximum battery life:

  • Reduce energy use by activating the low power mode.
  • Adjust the screen brightness to 75% when disconnecting the computer from the power supply with the option activated Slightly dim the screen when using battery.
  • The screen brightness can be automatically adjusted by default to save power. To automatically set brightness, you’ll need to select the Apple menu and then System Preferences. This way, you will be able to click on Screens and activate the option Adjust brightness automatically.
  • Stop your Mac from checking for updates or emails when it’s asleep. This can be achieved by disabling the option Activate Power Nap on battery power.
  • Automatically improve battery life on MacBook Pros with multiple graphics processors, when the option is enabled Automatically switch graphics mode.

Repair Mac Laptop Battery

computer batteries MacBook Air, macbook pro Y macbookthey should only be replaced by a Apple Storea Authorized Service Provider or an independent repair provider that uses only genuine Mac parts. Repairs done with non-genuine Apple-branded parts may damage your computer and are not covered under Apple’s warranty. Apple Care.

Mac computer battery warranty

In case of a faulty batteryApple replaces the battery free. This is so, in case the battery conserves less than 80% of its original capacity. Apple’s warranty is limited to a single year and includes coverage for battery replacement if defective.

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