Get lit up: these iPhone-compatible bulbs are on sale

How many bulbs do you need?

This is the main question you have to ask yourself since, as you will be able to check below, the three products on offer The ones that we are going to talk about offer different amounts of bulbs. Therefore, it is best that before continuing reading reflections on how many units you are going to use and, based on this, you can take advantage of one offer and another.

First of all, we are going to talk to you about the light bulb that the brand makes available to users. YEELIGHT. It is able to reproduce up to 16 million colorsand ranges from 1700 to 6500K adjustable. It is ideal for establishing different types of environment. It also uses the most advanced Wi-Fi module chip, making the entire HomeKit connection process even faster. All this with a 7% off.

If instead of needing a single bulb, you want to expand the variety, the brand Refoss offers this pack of two to one really competitive price. Obviously they are fully compatible with HomeKit and it gives you the opportunity to configure and set different colors with just 9W power consumption.


Finally, it is the brand Meross which is in charge, in this case, of offering users a pack of 4 smart bulbs at a very affordable price. Count on 9WHowever, the brightness it offers is equivalent to that of a traditional 60W bulb. It also offers the possibility of adapting a great variety of colors and a brightness setting ranging from 2700K to 6500K.


How can they be installed?

One of the doubts that many users have in order to acquire this type of product is the way to subsequently connect the light bulb with the entire Apple ecosystem. The reality is that there is no established common method and this can vary depending on the product manufacturer, but usually it is usually very simple to carry out and in a few seconds you can control the light bulb through your iPhone or by asking Siri.

Typically, the manufacturer has a app with which to establish the connection with the device, in this case the light bulb, for later add it to your HomeKit ecosystem through the Home App that you have available on all Apple devices. As we said, the process is very simple and will only take a few seconds.

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