Get more followers on Twitch using these streaming extensions

Sitting in front of our computer and demonstrating our skills with a certain game or our passion for a certain subject (drawing, art, science or any other) can become frustrating if our growth expectations on Twitch are not consistent with reality. While some of the viewers just want to get the attention of the current streamer, others want to quickly know their skills in a certain game.

The solution to both problems is to use one of the different extensions that Twitch makes available to us, extensions that also allow the streamer to offer entertainment to viewers so that interact with the contentknow first hand and without asking, what is the next game or activity that is going to be broadcast and when it will be done through a countdown, showing the game statistics among others.

for games

Within this category, we can find different extensions that allow us to display real time statistics of games, of the abilities of the character that we are using in addition to the possibility of interacting with the extension to obtain more information. If we usually broadcast content from Dota 2, Dead by Daylight, Pokémon, CS GO, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Age of Empire, Legends of Runeterra, Borderlands, Overwatch among others, we can use any of the different extensions available for these games through this link, where we must add them to our control panel.

Loyalty and recognition

Another way to retain our audience is to use one of the different extensions available through this link to show the channel points, the rewards that we can obtain through those points, show a reminder of the possibility of subscribing with Twitch Prime for free, allow users to use a large number of emotes and have them displayed hovering over the screen among others.

hook the viewer

In addition to the extensions that we have shown you above to try to attract the attention of the viewers who visit our channel, Twitch also includes a section where we can find extensions for build user loyalty who see us With these extensions we can give viewers the possibility to play a specific sound that we have previously established, listen to the messages associated with the bits, show the latest photos from our Instagram account, offer the possibility of adopting a pet virtual, allow sending GIFs through the chat channel and much more.

Twitch Extensions

Other extensions

The three categories that we have mentioned above are the ones that can help us the most to win new viewers and retain them. However, they are not the only ones that Twitch makes available to us, since it also offers us 5 other categories.

  • Programming and countdown. These allow us to show the schedule of our transmissions and show a countdown on the screen.
  • Viewer involvement. Extensions to make viewers interact with our streams.
  • Music. If you like to listen to music while you play, with these extensions you’ll be able to show on the screen which song is being played at all times.
  • Voting and surveys. Ideal extensions to quickly take surveys to find out the opinion of our community.
  • Games in extensions. These extensions allow us to show minigames on our stream adding an additional plus of entertainment.

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