Get more performance in Fortnite with these gaming monitors

A gaming monitor is only appreciated when a player needs to increase their performance and level in a game, such as Fortnite. The competitive level always leads to wanting more and no matter how much mouse or keyboard we have in the end, the smoothness that a good monitor provides, as well as the reduction of visual fatigue or the improvements that it includes make a difference. Therefore, we are going to recommend the best monitors to achieve that plus in Fortnite.

Fortnite is a very particular game that many have tried to copy and the vast majority have done so without success. The essence of the game is different, it is particular and its playability makes the difference, for this reason and as we have seen in previous articles, we need somewhat specific peripherals to get the most out of ourselves. But in monitors, what do we need to have that extra that allows us to surpass the rest?

The characteristics that a monitor must have for Fortnite

Although it is a bit related to the hardware we have, the reality is that there are three factors that are basic today: panel speed, synchronization technologies and of course an optimal viewing angle.

The first two can be applied to any existing monitor, but the last one, given the way this game is played, can make a difference, since we need to identify the different materials the first time and, therefore, we cannot doubt what we see in screen due to loss of color due to poor viewing angles.

That said, we can already guess where everything is going, so we are going to know the best quality/price monitors to play Fortnite.

Top 3 perfect gaming monitors for Minecraft

BenQ GW2280

We start with the most affordable and on the other hand it is also more than suitable for any player. With a size of 22 inches we find a monitor with VA panel and FHD resolution which achieves a brightness of 250 nits and an improved contrast of 3000:1.

Your refresh rate is 60Hz and has a response time of 5msGtG, which makes it enter the sector of cheap but interesting monitors. We cannot forget its two 1-watt speakers, its vertical adjustment from -5º to -20º and its support for VESA 100×100 mm, not to mention its two HDMI 1.4 and its VGA.

Positive Negative
Compact size
Low price
VA panel
HDF resolution


We take a step further in range and we go to this ASUS VG279Q, a monitor of 27 inches with resolution HDF that integrates a panel IPS which produces a glow of 400cd/m2 and a contrast of 1200:1. As a response time it has only 1ms and this favors a refresh rate of 144Hzvery useful for gaming and that together with other technologies such as Trace Free, GameVisual, GamePlus or ULMB guarantee us an unbeatable gaming experience.

It also has support for FreeSync Premium, a Display Port 1.2two HDMI 1.4 and a DVI-D, as well as a headphone jack and a minijack audio input for PC.

Positive Negative
27 inches price a little high
HDF resolution
IPS panel
Free Sync Premium


It is the affordable and balanced option. It has a size of 27 inches with an FHD resolution that achieves a refresh rate of nothing less than 240Hz. The panel in this case is not IPS but GOESwhich will give you a better contrast and also a response time of 1ms MPRT.


To top it off we are talking about a monitor with Free Sync Premium, which without being G-SYNC as such works really well for AMD graphics cards. It is possibly the most complete monitor for Fortnite, which is also curved.

Positive Negative
27 inch size
Curvature 1500R
VA panel
Free Sync Premium

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