Get much more out of the Taskbar in Windows with these uses

When we refer to the Windows desktop or the start menu, we are talking about elements or functionalities that we use on a regular basis. The same happens with the aforementioned Taskbar in which we want to focus on these same lines. For those of you who do not know exactly what we mean, this is the bar that we find at all times at the bottom of the screen.

That is by default, since we have the possibility to hide it forever, or make it hide automatically if we do not use it. In the same way, simply drag the Taskbar to place it on one of the sides or on top of the operating system. In addition, this element that is in view at all times offers us a series of shortcut icons, some functions important. On the right we find an icon for the internet connection, the volume system, power options, or watch.

But the best of all that is the customization in terms of its usefulness that we can make of this particular element. We say this because as a general rule we put certain accesses here to open content, functions and programs more quickly. Thanks to the fact that the Taskbar is always visible, we can get much more out of it. That is why we are going to talk about what we should anchor here so that the taskbar is not much more useful.

Create a shortcut to the Windows Control Panel

The Control Panel is one of those functions that has been around for many years in Windows, but that Microsoft little by little it disappears. But despite all this, it is still a functionality that we use on many occasions. To all this, we have to add that it is not as easy to access this element as, for example, we can do with other important functions of the system.

Normally to access it we write a name in the search box of the same taskbar. When you locate it, we recommend you click with the right button of the mouse on its entry to anchor it in the aforementioned Bar.

Pin System File Explorer

At the same time, being able to have direct access to the File Browser in this section it will never hurt. It is true that we have many ways to open this element in the operating system, but due to its constant use, having one more can help us.

In this way we will only have to make a single click of the mouse to open the aforementioned Explorer. In addition, once we have anchored it by right-clicking on that icon we have direct access to the most common folders.

Place the most used programs on the taskbar

Possibly this is one of the greatest advantages that the taskbar presents us, we refer to the possibility of anchoring the programs that we want. Actually, what we create here is a shortcut icon to those applications that we want to access quickly. As a general rule, in this sense, we opt for the software that we use most frequently in Windows 10.

This movement allows us to have access to those applications whenever we want. In addition, here the programs that we open, even if we do not have them anchored, when we close them they disappear.

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