Get NordVPN for your iPhone, iPad and Mac for less money this Black Friday

At what price does NordVPN stay?

Usually, NordVPN is already one of the tools with the best value for money, but without a doubt now it becomes even more attractive when it is discounted until December 1. And we speak in the present because really their Black Friday sales started much earlier, since it has been in force since October 27.

The promotion in particular focuses on the 2 year plan, which now supposes a 72% savings in the subscription, being able to acquire it for only 2.80 euros per month. Without promotion, this plan would cost 10.15 euros per month, so it is not just any discount that they are offering.

It should be noted that in addition to this, NordVPN has other fees. For example, the annual model that, despite being temporarily lowered to 4.18 euros per month, is still more expensive than the two-year option. Without a discount there is the monthly option at 10.16 euros, a price that is not really bad, but which also falls well below the succulent Black Friday offer of the 2-year plan.

5 reasons to hire a VPN

Nowadays, hiring a service like NordVPN is practically essential due to the advantages it offers over classic internet browsing. Both at a safety and functional level, there are many advantages they have, although if we have to choose the most prominent ones, we would stick with these:

  • Security and privacy through the advanced connection system that VPNs have, which can help you avoid trackers and / or that your data ends up in the hands of who should not and without having given permission.
  • Exclusive streaming content from other countries and is that with a VPN you can connect to any territory, having at your fingertips content from platforms such as Apple TV +, Netflix or HBO Max that is only available in those countries. And all without leaving home.

  • Buy for less money on the internet in the same way that you access the previous content. There are countries in which, curiously, buying the same products comes out for less money and having the same guarantees.
  • Cheaper trips just like shopping. Buying a ticket from Spain to the United States, for example, can be infinitely cheaper if purchased from another territory. Incredible, but true and hence the success of cheap flight search websites, which you can do yourself with a VPN.
  • Functions of some applications that are limited to certain territories will now be at your fingertips just by connecting your VPN to that territory.

The main advantages of NordVPN

In the NordVPN analysis we did on La Manzana Bordida, we already highlighted all its functionalities in detail. However, it is worth remembering the most outstanding ones. And is that, apart from what was previously commented, NordVPN has some important features that other tools of the style do not offer.

See for example being the faster VPN network of the world according to several independent studies, something to take into account if we understand that browsing with these networks already has the disadvantage of being less fast. With this application, speeds very similar to when the VPN is disconnected are achieved. And to this is added the possibility of connect to servers around the world, since they have more than 1,100 servers spread throughout the planet.

NordVPN too protect your data and you prevents malware through sophisticated malicious website detection systems that will prevent third-party tracking and also the theft of sensitive data such as your credit card. And as if that were not enough, they also guarantee full privacy for themselves, since their zero registration policy makes it clear that they do not store your browsing data in any file.

Furthermore, it is multi platform and it’s available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV. Although if your ecosystem is not only made up of Apple computers, you should know that you also have the possibility of using it on Android, Windows and Linux.

Is the offer worth it?

Having seen the main advantages of both VPNs in general, and NordVPN in particular, we imagine that you will not have many doubts about it. But if you still need a recommendation, yes. It is very worth it. And it is true that we find VPNs even free, but we can attest that they do not offer so many tools that make them reliable and secure, often putting your own data at risk. Therefore, as we said in a previous section, NordVPN is the best value for money and with offers like this, it is even more so.

So don’t neglect your online security and privacy: get the limited-time offer here: NordVPN at 72% off

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