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SEGA stopped manufacturing consoles years ago, but that didn’t stop it from continuing to exploit its old franchises and adding others that have succeeded as they deserve. And one of them, the famous Yakuza, have seen how they make their way with a formula for success that they have extended to other sagas. And of Judgmentnot because it is recent, it is no longer considered one of the best that the Japanese have ever devised.

With Yakuzas but glancing

Judgment is a game that arrived in 2018 as a kind of spin-off of the Yakuza but with a feature that made it unique: It has as its protagonist an ex-lawyer which is played by a famous Japanese singer, Takuya Kimura. With him we’ll get to know the ins and outs of the city’s underworld, what’s going on inside it, and we’ll have to solve cases in the purest detective style: spying, gathering evidence and then revealing our hypothesis of what happened.

Such was its success that a sequel soon followed, Lost Judgmentwhich went on the market in September 2021, reaping as good reviews and sales as its predecessor. Well, it was not until the final stretch of 2022 that we did not have both on PC, through two versions that honor the fame that they have earned and that has meant a new success for SEGA on which to base future projects. . Although it seems that they will have to change the protagonist since Takuya Kimura has already announced that he will no longer play the role of detective Yagami.

For now, and while this third installment is being developed and launched, we are going to settle for Fanatical’s offer that gives us these two shot launches on PCwith an offer that is around 41% and that will give us a code that will be possible to redeem on Steam, in the Spanish store itself.

How to get these offers

As we tell you, these offers will be active in Fanatical for a limited time, specifically until tomorrow March 23 at about 5:00 p.m. pm, moment in which they will end. In any case, you don’t have to think about it too much because these Judgment from SEGA are games that guarantee us dozens and dozens of hours, solving both the main story and the secondary ones, which are not few and also help to transmit that background of slums where the worst of Kamurocho moves.

Next we leave you the offers to get these two exceptional games:

Say that in the latter case, the package includes Kaito’s File and a small story expansion that came with Lost Judgment free.

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