Get out of the house and work with your MacBook!

However, not everything is perfect, since you have to take into account a series of points. First of all, and surely the most important thing, is whether you really have a rate of unlimited data, since on the contrary, you will have to be monitoring the consumption you make so as not to run out of data until the next renewal. On the other hand, sharing the internet from your iPhone is a process that is usually usually consumes quite a lot of batteryso if your device does not have a very long autonomy, our recommendation is that you use a portable battery, or that you simply connect the terminal to the computer so as not to waste battery.

Finally, and this is also very important, you have to know that usually speed that you will have when you access the internet through this route will not be very fast, so if at any time you need a great internet connection, we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to count on this route. However, for regular and daily use, with the speed that the iPhone’s internet connection will provide you, it will be more than enough.

Use a VPN

Many users have as their first option to connect to the internet to use a public Wi-Fi network, whether that of a cafeteria or even that of a library. Well, this is a practice that we do not recommend at any time, especially if the information you work with is confidential or could endanger the integrity of your company or a specific project.

macbook out

The odds that someone can access all your information for the simple fact of connecting to a public network that, in addition, is probably not very secure, they are very large. But beware, for this there is a great solution that you surely know, or at least, have heard of it, are VPNs. This practice will all your information is encryptedand even if you are still connected to a public network, you will be protected against those who want to violate your privacy.

location matters

Another important point that we mentioned at the beginning of this post is the place you choose to work. This will surely affect how efficient and productive you become during your working day, therefore, you have to make the choice correctly. You not only have to take into account the comfort of the chair or the armchair in which you sit, but also the environment breathe in that environment.


Usually the recommendation made for those people who want to work with their MacBook away from home is to look for a environment where concentration is breathed. However, this is probably the most personal point of all of which we are going to talk to you, since there are both users capable of concentrating in a cafeteria, and others who do need to be in a library or workplace to perform one hundred percent.

Enhance the experience with these accessories

Fortunately, the fact of working away from home or from your workplace does not mean that you have to put aside the use of other devices or accessories that make your work easier, both inside and outside. Therefore, below we want to talk to you about a series of devices that will surely come in handy to increase your productivity when you work away from home.

Use your iPad

One of the best devices with which you can complement the work of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is the iPad, both for what you can do with each of them individually, and for what you can do with the combination of both devices thanks to the functions that exist within the Apple ecosystem to make users more and more productive using these equipment.

Mac and iPad

The iPad may be, in this case, the best secondary screen that you can use next to your Mac. Thanks to the function Sidecar you can use it as a second monitor, and in addition, it will also allow you to interact by touch, that is, it is practically like having a Mac with a touch screen. On the other hand you also have Universal Control, which will allow you to use the two devices individually, that is, each one with its own operating system, but control them with the same peripherals. This way you can control your iPad with the MacBook keyboard and trackpad, or vice versa, control your MacBook with the keyboard and trackpad of your iPad if you use the Magic Keyboard.

In addition, thanks to the great synchronization that Apple devices have, you can also easily transfer multitude of files and documents from your iPad to your Mac and vice versa. To do this you can use AirDrop or, even if you use the Universal Control function, you can drag these files from one to another as if both screens were part of the same computer.

A mouse?

Surely if you are used to working at home or in your office, you are also used to doing it with a mouse, especially if you usually have your MacBook connected to an external monitor. If that’s your case, we want to recommend two mice that will undoubtedly help you improve the experience of working with your MacBook away from home.

Apple Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

The Apple mouse is one of the best options you can choose, not only because it has a minimalist design and its ergonomics is ideal, but because it gives you all the possibilities that you also have when using the trackpad of the MacBook itself. Everyone the gestures you can do with ityou can also do them with this mouse.

In addition, it has a very compact size, which makes it ideal to be able to transport it and that it is not one more weight to take into account, since you will practically not even notice that you are carrying it. Of course, you always have to keep in mind that it has enough battery to be able to use it, although in that sense you won’t have to worry much either since its autonomy is very good.

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3

If what you are looking for in a mouse is to help you be as productive as possible, without a doubt this Logitech MX Master 3 is the choice you have to make. we could call it the effectiveness mouseand it has a lots of buttons distributed throughout his body that, in addition, you can set up in a completely personalized way so that each one of them performs the action you want.

But it is that this does not end here, since each of the configurable actions can be customize also for each application that you use In other words, in each app you can have a different configuration of the buttons depending on the actions that you usually carry out on a daily basis in them.

best headphones

The fact of having a mouse or not is something very personal and that surely responds to the tastes of each one. However, what is practically essential to be able to work well away from home with your Apple laptop is to also have good headphones that give you that extra concentration.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro in ear

surely the most complete headphones of the entire market are the AirPods Pro, since we can consider them as all-terrain vehicles that will help you to do practically any activity that you propose with them. In this case we will focus on the benefits they have and how they can help you work better with your MacBook away from home.

The main point for which we recommend these headphones is because of the fantastic noise cancellation they have, capable of completely isolating you from the entire environment in which you find yourself. But it is that in addition, they also have the ambient mode that provides you with just the opposite and that will make it easier for you to perfectly listen to all those conversations that you can have with other people without having to take them off.



If we focus on headband headphones, the chosen ones are the Sony WH1000XM4, since without a doubt they have the best value for moneywithin its range. Its design is compact, with resistant and durable materials, as well as being available in different colors so you can choose the one you like best.

However, and we mention it again, the main valid point of these helmets is their Noise Cancellationespecially considering that we are focusing on working away from home and we do not know the noise conditions in which you may find yourself when you put your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to work.

This is our experience

To finish this post, we want to tell you about our experience working, in this case, with the MacBook Pro away from home. The first thing I want you to know is the accessories that I usually use, and they are AirPods Max and iPad. I think the AirPods Max are better than the Sony WH1000XM4, but unless you can get them at a deep discount, the difference in experience with one and the other doesn’t justify the difference in price.

The iPadas we mentioned, is an ideal element to be able to lean on it and facilitate the work you are doing with the MacBook Pro. Personally, the function that I usually use is Universal Control, since in this way I can take advantage of the benefits that macOS has on the one hand and iPadOS on the other. Lastly, in my case I don’t use a mouse since I feel very comfortable with the trackpad of the Mac itself.

MacBook Pro 14

Once you know what equipment I use, my experience working away from home with these devices is fantastic. The MacBook Pro has a really enviable autonomy, allowing me to use it for a whole day without having to connect it to the power, yes, just in case I always carry the charger in my backpack. If it is true that, in some cases I can miss the 28.2-inch screen with which I usually work in my room, but its use I make up for perfectly with the iPad. In short, the MacBook Pro is a fully prepared tool so that its users have a very satisfactory experience when using it to work on the move, even more so if you accompany it with the right accessories.

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