Get out of the macOS Spotify beta on Apple Watch, and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

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We come to Sunday July 11 and we are pleased to share with you all a small compilation of the most outstanding news on I’m from Mac. This week has been quite intense, find rumors and leaks about the Apple world. That is why today we are going to collect some of this news and we are going to add ourselves in this short summary so that this Sunday passes a little better, without further delay we the highlight on I’m from Mac.

We start with the news or rather tutorial on how can we get out of beta versions installed on our Mac. In this case we are going to see how we can abandon the beta version of the new macOS Monterey operating system.

That the Apple Watch is related to health is something known to all Apple users, in this case the watch of the Cupertino firm detected a heart disease in a woman saving her life. When you go to your doctor for a few Higher-than-normal pulsations detected by Apple Watch they found out he had a clogged artery.

Download Spotify songs on Apple Watch

Users of Apple Watch and Spotify Streaming Music app they are in luck. Now the application is beginning to be deployed on Apple smart watches and allows the download of music on the device.

Some rumors suggest that the controversial Touch Bar could disappear from the next 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros. In this case it is not an official confirmation but a rumor but we have been with it for a long time, so in the end we are even going to believe it. But as in all Apple news Until this is fulfilled, it cannot be said to be true, we’ll see what happens.

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