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Surely more than one occasion you have had to put the card to pay several times during a trip, event or party, and then you did not know how much you had to ask your friends or family. Well, thanks to the App Store and specifically to the wide variety of apps that you can find within it, in this post we want to give you the solution to be able to distribute the expenses in the best possible way.

One of the strengths of the Apple ecosystem, in addition to all the synchronization and synergies that occur between its different devices, is the great variety and quantity of applications that users can find in the App Store, Apple’s app store. From games to spend those moments with nothing to do in a fun way, to productivity applications or, in this case, apps that will allow you to be able to divide expenses among several people without complications, allowing you to manage group accounts in the best possible way.

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The best apps to split group expenses

As we said, one of the main features of the App Store is the variety of apps, and although we could tell you about many of them, in this post we want to focus especially on three, which are the most popular and most used by all users. when dividing expenses between different people.

  • Tricount – Shared Expenses. It is one of the simplest solutions that you can find, since its interface is clear and simple, so you will not have any difficulty using it. With this app you can share expenses equally or unequally, so that you can do all the accounts perfectly. In addition, how could it be otherwise, each of the accounts can be shared with your friends or family, so that everyone has access to them. Finally, one of its best features is that you won’t need to have an internet connection for it to work.
Tricount - Shared Expenses
Tricount - Shared Expenses

  • splitwise. If you want to take your accounts to the next level, this is the ideal application for it, since it is designed for a perhaps more formal and professional environment. Therefore, with Splitwise you will have the opportunity to include different invoices for each of the expenses, scan them and even store them in a cloud. However, this app has a subscription, so you will have to pay for it if you want to take advantage of all the functions it provides.

  • Splid – Share expenses. Another of the most used apps in this area is Splid. Its operation is very similar to the two that we have already told you about, although it has really interesting functions such as the possibility of exporting all expenses or accounts to an Excel file. In addition, it also allows users to make complicated accounts such as adding different payers, or dividing expenses in a non-uniform way, that is, not everyone has to pay the same. It even has up to 150 different currencies, so it’s one of the apps that you have to have on your iPhone no matter what when you go on a trip abroad, especially if you’re going to pay with a currency other than your own.
Splid – Share expenses
Splid – Share expenses

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