Get ready for Windows 11 with the best deals on Windows 10

The launch of Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, is just around the corner and since it is known that we can update for free if we have original licenses of the different versions of Windows 10, now is a better time than ever to regularize them or get one if you don’t have them yet. To do this, we bring you the best offers of the summer through which you can buy the operating system for just over 14 euros.

Having the operating system updated is always recommended, since only then will you be able to have all the necessary security updates and the latest functionalities of the operating system, something that you can only opt for with original licenses. Now that Windows 11 has already been announced and that we know that we can update for free if we have original Windows 10, it is the best time to check that you have everything in order and that your PC is ready.

Upgrade to Windows 11 with these Windows 10 licenses

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Windows 10 at a breakthrough price

Microsoft Office at a knockdown price

Save by buying Windows and Office in a pack

Your original licenses with complete confidence

When you buy in a license store, it is common to have some mistrust by not knowing where it comes from. However, in a store like CDKDeals you can have total confidence because the licenses come from discarded OEM equipment, which have been licensed before sending them for recycling and have been reactivated with Microsoft, a fact that not only guarantees its operation and legality but also allows them to sell them at the very cheap prices you see. In addition, this practice has been legal in Europe since 2012, when a ruling established jurisprudence by declaring digital licenses as tangible goods that can be bought and sold like any other physical product.

Precisely for this reason, what you will be buying is a digital license and therefore it is essential that when you register in the online store to make the purchase you do so with a valid email address, since the license will be sent to you by email in the form of a code that you can then enter into your software. In addition, the purchase process is also completely reliable, especially because you can use PayPal as a form of payment that is not only instantaneous, but also protects you as a buyer and gives you an additional level of security to be sure that there will be no problems.

Speaking of upgrading to Windows 11, the process will presumably be similar to when we were able to jump from Windows 7 to Windows 10: if you have a genuine license and the operating system activated, there will come a time when an update is installed that will prepare your PC for change the operating system and it will offer to do everything automatically. Simpler impossible, it will be a matter of accepting and waiting for the process to finish, keeping all the documents and programs that we had.

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