Get ready to play Halo Infinite: sign up for the beta on September 24

Halo Infinite’s new multiplayer test

If you are looking forward to donning the Spartan suit and jumping into the arena in search of revelry, nothing better than signing up for the next multiplayer technical test that 343 Industries will offer the next September 24. In order to enter the beta you need to have access as a Halo Insider, so we are going to leave you with the necessary steps to do so.

First, you will have to enter the event website to register as an Insider. You must fill in some details such as your personal data, email notifications and the platform in which you are willing to participate, being able to choose PC or console.

With the registration completed, you will only have to wait for the confirmation email inviting you to the trial and allowing you to download the trial version from the portal to send it directly to your console or install it on your PC. With this, you can finally have access to the multiplayer test, and hit your first shots in the new world of Halo.

It is important to emphasize that in order to enter the trial version you must register as a Halo Insider before September 13, so you have this weekend to prepare everything and sign up as soon as possible.

Many more participants

Halo 5 Karts

The first technical test left a rather small list of participants, with very limited access by invitation. However, this time they have opened many more places so that many more players can test the game. Of course, as they say, if they receive millions of requests it will be impossible to cover all of them, but hopefully that is the problem.

A wait that remains eternal

Although the anniversary of the game will be a few weeks before, Halo Infinite will not arrive until next December 8, so the wait will continue to be eternal for many, especially for those who cannot play the test on September 24. Little by little the game is seeing the light of day, and with the final release date, many users were finally able to breathe, ruling out any possible delay.

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