Get Sonic Frontiers at a discount right now for PC

For many video game fans, the day a new Sonic game hits stores continues to be a special moment. SEGA, which wisely decided to step back and not make any more consoles 22 years ago, at least it keeps alive those franchises that made us enjoy so much in the 90s. So if you want to play with sonic frontiers these days on PC and recover old sensations, you know that right now is a good time.

the last marvel of sonic

As we already told you in his day, sonic frontiers is the last great game of the blue porcupine, the one that has tried to focus the franchise for the coming years adding certain elements that are so fashionable as is the component sandbox. Although it received a lot of criticism at the time of launch (especially from specialized media), in the end logic prevailed and SEGA’s work has been one of the most celebrated by the community.

They do not lack a reason because, although a game has a tad left to enjoy an exquisite technical section, in the end it’s what is played and how, and the fun it provides, that really counts. And in that section, Sonic’s races, the huge stages and the touch SEGA of the franchise are reason enough to want to have it in our library of PC titles.

The point is that sonic frontiers has recently arrived on Steam and, from that moment, hostilities have been unleashed because its price has been significantly lowered, in such a way that right now we can get hold of it without spending the cost of an AAA.

Sonic Frontiers.

Go to Humble Bundle now!

As it is, Humble Bundle, expert in making packages of games and sell them at knockdown prices, He wanted to have a special detail with the fans of sonic frontiers and have the game with a 30% discount. Indeed, if you want to get hold of it, with a redeemable key on Steam (Spain), you just have to follow the link that we leave below and finish the purchase process.

Although the full price of sonic frontiers is set at 59.99 euros, Actually you can take it for 41.99, that is, 18 less, which is not bad in these times of inflation and rising prices in practically all the products that we consume on a daily basis. Of course, this discount will not remain that way for an unlimited time and it will expire on February 13. (

So take the opportunity now to add to your library in the Valve store this umpteenth classic inspired by what was (or is still?) SEGA’s mascot par excellence and that illuminated the youth and first steps in the world of videogames for millions of kids in the 90s, the golden age of 8 and 6 bits with Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, SegaSaturn and even Dreamcast , where Sonic starred in some of his most celebrated video games. Or do you not have any in memory?

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