Get started in Blockchain technology, which leads the most demanded professions

If you still do not know what blockchain technology is, you probably do not know that it is one of the most demanded professions today. And much less will you know that the Free Waves School course It has already taught more than 20,000 students the basic principles of this technology. No matter what sector you belong to, understanding the nature of the blockchain is always a plus on your CV as this technology has application in all fields you can imagine.

The blockchain is basically a chain of blocks that allows a secure, immutable, decentralized and distributed record of all digital operations without intermediaries. This is not what we say, but Waves ‘the people’s blockchain’, which has designed an introductory course created by experts in the field and is available in more than 20 languages. This comprehensive free course It is fully accessible to any type of person with an internet connection.

What will you get by completing the course?

  • Knowledge of value about cryptocurrencies: learn to open a wallet, educate yourself responsibly to carry out your first investments in crypto… End the ignorance of the crypto sector!
  • A training base that will allow you to make financial decisions freely and responsibly.
  • Financial Freedom. Waves is based on the premise that knowledge makes us free, which is why its objective with this course is to bring blockchain technology closer to people, thus democratizing the massive responsible adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Evaluate your level of understanding with the tests available throughout the syllabus.
  • Access to the valuable Waves community. Through your discord channel you will continue learning and enriching yourself. And it is that, Waves believes in decentralization and the power of citizens to make decisions in a democratic way.
  • An NFT certificate that proves that you have completed the course.

waves school

There are many people around the world who have already had the opportunity to complete the course satisfactorily as the students attest:

It is the best way to understand in a simple way what the crypto space is.” “The animated videos that guide the lessons help understanding and make the teachings more entertaining.” “My favorite part is the lesson on the history of money as it helps to understand many aspects applied to real life.” “I am grateful for everything I learned, for the rewards I received at the end as well as the NFT certificate.” “One thing I like about Waves School is the detailed explanation of how money was created up until the advent of blockchain technology.”

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If you don’t want to be left behind, you can register now for the Waves School course and complete the modules at your own pace, following your personalized learning process.

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