Get the Blue Snowball ICE microphone today with a 15% discount

In the times of telecommuting and the streaming in which we live, the need to have devices for this is increasingly pressing. Almost everyone has headphones with a microphone, but now in the summer heat it certainly makes it uncomfortable to wear them too long, so having a headset external microphone it can provide us with many advantages. If you want to get one at the best price, now you can buy the award-winning Blue Snowball ICE cheaper than ever, because it is of offer with a 15% discount.

External microphones have many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Being on the table, they are more prone to picking up unwanted vibrations and sounds (although it is true that most are compatible with installation in articulated arms that avoid this), but they give us much greater comfort and it is something that is appreciated. in this hot season, since if we have a long meeting or are going to spend several hours playing or streaming, being able to be without headphones will certainly be a key point for comfort.

Blue Snowball ICE, a cheap but quality streaming microphone

Blue Microphones is one of the most famous brands among streamers and users (and even in some professional fields) for the excellent audio quality that its products provide; In the case of the Snowball ICE we are talking about today, it is a microphone that is designed to take up little space and be cheap but at the same time show off the quality thanks to which Blue Microphones has been awarded on numerous occasions, so that although we are talking about a cheap microphone (within what is possible) we are certainly not going to give up the quality that defines it.

Thanks to Blue’s custom condenser capsule, the Snowball ICE offers crystal clear audio quality that has little to do with the cheap microphones we can find out there, despite the fact that in terms of technical specifications it handles a frequency response of 40 Hz to 18 KHz with a 16 bit bit rate and 44.1 KHz sample rate, characteristics that are actually quite common among devices of this type.

The Blue Snowball ICE boasts its name and has a spherical shape but still incorporates a standard size thread that is compatible with the vast majority of articulated arms and supports on the market, and with a weight of 460 grams even the most arms. cheap will have no problem holding your weight. Even so, the microphone comes with a built-in tripod so it can be conveniently placed on the table.

Blue Snowball ICE

This Blue microphone has a USB connection and does not require configuration of any kind to function without problems in the main recording or communication programs such as Discord, Skype, Zoom or Open Broadcaster Studio, so you can use it without problems both for conferences and for Talk to your friends during games or to stream with him.

Offer price and availability

At this moment this microphone is on sale with a 15% discount in Amazon Spain, but the offer is limited to such an extent that reservations have been opened. Of course, if you make the purchase within the offer period that ends in a few hours, you will receive the product at your home tomorrow.

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