get this battery with MagSafe at an electric price

A compact and efficient battery

The point is that everyone has taken it for granted that using an external battery is something normal, what has unloaded the consciences of the manufacturers who already know that if they launch a mobile with autonomy problems, we will take the most obvious solution. So if you are in those, you should not miss this offer that Amazon has published today and that, as always, will be active for a limited time.

It is a model of Belkin, one of the main companies that manufacture accessories for mobile phones and that cIt has some really interesting features. For example, its capacity, which reaches 10,000 mAh, that is, about three charges of a mid-range device whose battery is capable of storing 3,500 mAh.

In addition, it promises a charging speed of 7.5W in its mode. Wirelesslaying the phone on top of the power bank, or 18 if we use a USB-C cable plugged into the main power source. Also allows you to recharge the battery while the mobile is connectedwhich makes it especially useful when we get home at night and prepare for the next day.

As for its dimensions, It is 10.16 centimeters wide by 16.9 long and just 2.5 high, which makes it especially slim and transportable in any bag, backpack and even large pocket that we carry with us. Its weight is also in tune and stands at 300 grams.

Do you have an iPhone? well much better

If you have an Apple smartphone, this Belkin battery has an element that will surely make you love it (or at least want it), since is compatible with the MagSafe standard that is installed in all ranges of iPhone 12, 13 and 14.

Belkin MagSafe Battery.

as you know, this technology uses magnets to secure the phone to the charging area so it is impossible for it to move and lose the connection, which happens quite frequently in those chargers Wireless that do not resort to these components. So this opportunity is really interesting if you want a reliable system that doesn’t go offline at the first change.

this battery comes with a 1-meter double-ended USB-C cable and a price of 37.99 euros, which represents a 16% discount on the usual cost of 49.99.

Are you going to let this opportunity pass?

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