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When you have a gaming team, you always want to have a monitor that provides you with the best experience, but the bad part is that monitors with gaming features are usually quite expensive, and on the other hand, sometimes their panel is not as good as it would be desirable. Today we present you the LG monitor 27MP59G-P, that with his IPS matrix and its 99% sRGB color space rendering boasts a sharp, color-rich image yet is ideal for gaming with your 1 ms response time. Oh and now you can save 87 euros when you buy it, do not miss it!

There are many times that, when the budget is tight, we must choose to dispense with certain features in our devices. In the case of the monitor, sometimes it is preferable to use a Full HD monitor instead of one with a higher resolution first because this will give you a better FPS rate and secondly because they are much cheaper. It is the case of LG 27MP59G-P Which we will talk about next, a monitor that represents an excellent balance between good image representation and a good gaming experience, but at a price that you will not believe.

LG 27MP59G-P, IPS gaming monitor for all budgets

Generally, IPS monitors were not used much for gaming since despite having better precision and representation of colors, they did not allow the low response times so necessary in devices used for games. However, for some time that barrier has already been overcome and proof of this is this monitor that we are talking about today that has all the benefits of IPS matrices, but with a low response time that makes it ideal for games.

Specifically, the LG 27MP59G-P mounts a matrix 27-inch LED-IPS diagonal with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), which, as we have said before, stands out for a coverage of 99% of the sRGB color space, which means that it has an optimal color representation. It has a maximum brightness of 250 cd / m2, a very typical value for non-HDR monitors, while its typical contrast ratio is 1000 to 1.

As for its benefits for gaming, we must highlight its response time of only 1 ms, as well as its variable refresh rate from 48 to 75 Hz that is compatible with technology FreeSync from AMD. Likewise, the DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) mode stands out, which is a kind of Overdrive to further improve the response time, its technology Motion Blur Reduction to prevent blurring or blurring of moving images, and your black stabilizer automatic.

Finally, it should be noted that its video inputs are an HDMI and a DisplayPort, and that its V-shaped base allows tilt adjustment but not height, rotation or rotation. As you can see, it is a monitor that without being a marvel is quite decent, and especially as soon as you know its price in this active promotion.

Offer price and availability

At this moment you have the LG 27MP59G-P on sale at Amazon Spain with a 35% discount, which represents a saving of more than 87 euros compared to its usual price. This discount puts this LG gaming monitor at the same price level as non-gaming monitors, so it is certainly a very good opportunity to save.

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