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It’s been quite some time since we showed you a good smart plug offer here. The truth is that this accessory has become so popular that it is easy to find it at a good price anywhere, without an offer in its price being notable. But, of course, today we are not talking about just any discount. It turns out that we have found a model compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Homewhose general price is around 19 euros but that right now you can get for only 5 euros with a code. Read on and we’ll give you all the clues.

Smart plugs, perfect for home automation at a low price

Among the many accessories that you can buy to automatize your home, smart plugs are undoubtedly one of the most recommended. The reason? that with them you can turn smart practically any device, resulting in a very cheap way to have devices that you can control from your smartphone.

There are many brands of smart plugs, but in general, they all have certain common features such as being compact, having a timer and offering compatibility with several voice assistants.

In the case of the model of our offer, from the firm meross, the plug is compatible neither more nor less than with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Homekit), the latter being the least common to see. With a size of 67 x 67 x 59.2 mm, it enjoys more than 4,000 positive reviews from users who already have it and connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

A fantastic accessory that you will surely not regret buying, even more so if it only costs 4.99 euros. Yes, what you are reading: 5 euros. It is not a joke.

Cheaper than ever with code

Although at the moment, if you enter Amazon Spain, you will see that the plug has a discount of 6% (staying at a price of 17.90 euros), this is nothing with the offer that hides the code ALEXAPLUG. By introducing it, the plug costs only 4.99 euros, so you will have it at home this coming Wednesday, November 16 for only 5 euros, which is said soon.

To make use of the code follow the following Steps:

  1. Go to the link you have on these lines
  2. Put the plug in your shopping cart as you would any other product
  3. process the request
  4. In the section “Select payment method” enter the code ALEXAPLUG in the corresponding box and click the Apply button
  5. Continue with the purchase and pay as usual

So easy and fast. That yes, we must warn you so that you do not have too many illusions that it seems that not all accounts are suitable to use this code, although we have not been able to know what the condition of Amazon is to allow or not its use -in the writing of El Output We have managed to use almost all of them, so far we can tell you.

Therefore, you only have to follow the link that we leave you and try (it will take just a minute). Luck!

This article includes a link to Amazon which is part of the affiliate agreement we have with the company. Thanks to this, in El Output we take a small commission for each sale made, but it does not influence the price that the user pays for the product. The choice of the product is made by the editor himself without attending to requests by Amazon or the mentioned brand.

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