Get to know these Microsoft Edge VPN extensions to browse safely

Therefore, we will be able to divide VPNs in terms of their use into two categories:

  1. VPNs via clients or appsare those that when they are working affect all programs that connect to the Internet.
  2. A VPN with a browser extension, In this case, we will only maintain private browsing when we exclusively use that browser in which we have this extension installed. A specific case is the VPN extensions for Microsoft Edge that we will see later.

We can also classify those VPN browser extensions into two types:

  • The payment ones: they are the ones that respect anonymity. In addition, they have the advantage over the free ones that we will obtain higher speeds and many additional features specifically oriented to security.
  • the ones that are free: here we have the danger that our browsing history ends up being sold to third parties. Here we must bear in mind that offering this service has an economic cost and that the investment must be amortized in some way. In this it is advisable to read the use agreements very carefully.

surf shark

surf shark It is another of the best VPN services that we can hire. One of the reasons that makes it an ideal choice is that it offers unlimited connections, a kill-switch along with support for torrenting. In addition, it is capable of blocking ads and trackers completely automatically and transparently for the user. Also, we recommend you to visit allertaprivacy to learn more about online security and privacy.

It also has more than 3,200 servers in more than 65 countries. Surfshark does not keep our logs and provides us with top-notch security. In this case, it is a paid service, Surfshark costs €11.82 per month, but if we opt for the annual payment, you can get it for €3.64 per month.


According to weneedprivacy, PureVPN specializes in ensuring security and anonymity while browsing. In addition, to maintain security we will connect to a 256-bit AES encryption network. 10 multiple logins are also allowed so all family members are protected.

Other features that it has are protection against WebRTC leaks, kill-switch and it does not keep activity logs. PureVPN has 6,500+ servers, 96+ locations, and is present in 78+ countries. You can download the VPN extension for Microsoft Edge from PureVPN here. Regarding prices, it costs €9.60 per month, while if we opt for the annual plan it costs €2.50 per month.


NordVPN is probably one of the most popular and recommended VPN services. In addition to VPN clients for different operating systems, NordVPN has extensions for different browsers. From this link you can download the add-on for Microsoft Edge. The first thing to comment on is that it is a paid service. NordVPN’s one-month subscription costs €10.49 per month. However, if we decide to contract an annual plan, it will cost us €4.39 per month.

Moreover, this service has more than 5,200 servers located in 60 countries and a strict no-logging policy. Furthermore, we can use NordVPN on six devices simultaneously and it offers advanced security and privacy features. To give some examples of its features we have ad and tracker blocker, automatic switch, Tor over VPN and double VPN.


windscribe is a VPN service with a presence in more than 100 locations and 60 countries. One of the reasons why it is famous is thanks to its generous free plan. If you register and confirm your email address you can get 10 GB per month to browse anonymously. This free plan allows us to choose from a dozen different countries, including the United States and several European countries.

This VPN service has a plugin for most browsers, and if you want the one for Microsoft Edge, click this link.

Windscribe offers us military-grade encryption and its extension blocks ads, trackers, malware, and cookies. It can stop web page notifications and spoof your time zone, location and language. A positive fact to keep in mind is that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections. As for prices, it costs €9 per month, while if we decide on the annual plan it costs just under €49.


ZenMate is also a well-known VPN with 4,100 servers in more than 80 countries. It comes with military-grade encryption and a kill-switch. They do not ask us for any registration and changing the country is quite simple. If we want to download the VPN add-on for Microsoft Edge, we will click on the following link. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

As for ZenMate, it has free and paid plans. The free one supports four countries and limits the speed to 2 Mbps. The paid plans start from 6.99 per month and if we decide on an annual subscription of €1.69 per month.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers connections in more than 115 locations with speeds of up to 1Gbps for its paid version. Thanks to military-grade encryption and a no-logging policy, you can be sure your activity is private and secure.

As for its free plan, it only offers a connection in the United States. Its extension offers us a lot of information from the current speed, the duration of the session, the data consumed and the threats blocked. It also has ad blockers, trackers and cookies. Regarding the free plan, it is limited to one location, 500MB per day and a speed of 2 Mbps.

The Premium Family plan costs around €11.99 per month and supports up to five devices. If you want to give this VPN service a try, here is the add-on for Microsoft Edge. is a reliable VPN provider that has more than 20 million customers worldwide. Their VPN extension for Microsoft Edge is completely free and can be downloaded from here. No registration or login required.

We came across a good VPN plugin with a no-logging policy and 256-bit encryption. It also protects our IP address by offering WebRTC protection. This browser extension will allow us to connect to three countries: Germany, the Netherlands and Canada. The free plan is quite generous and offers us 10 GB of monthly data, 5 locations and allows us only one device at a time. On the other hand, if we want to go to unlimited traffic with 75 locations and 10 simultaneous connections, it costs €9.99 per month.

In summary, there are different VPN add-ons for Microsoft Edge, both paid and free, that will help us maintain security and anonymity. We must remember that these types of extensions only forward web traffic to the VPN server, they are not capable of forwarding traffic from other browsers, instant messaging programs, etc.

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