Get to know Venom, the most famous marvel symbiote

Where was Venom born?

Venom is a symbiote, and its origin is extraterrestrial. Specifically, it comes from a planet called Klyntar, located in the Andromeda galaxy. Venom race symbiotes they are also called Klyntar, and despite what it seems at first glance, they are not violent creatures by nature.

The planet Klyntar is a hostile place, so the beings of the same name, the Klyntar, take advantage of their abilities to unite with other living beings through symbiosis. In this way, both win. Symbiotes take shape as guests receive new abilities, thus maximizing their chances of survival in a cold world full of dangers.


The evolution of the species was taking its course, and they began to form a hive mind. However, there were major problems when a Klyntar was attached to a unsuitable host. In those cases, the symbiotes ended up corrupted, filled with violent desires and totally negative emotions. Sensations that end up transmitting to the hive mind of which they were a part. It was then that the Agents of the Cosmos, which disconnected the corrupt symbiotes from the collective consciousness.

From that moment, with no society in which to settle or livelihood, the Klyntar expelled for their violent attitudes they became parasites. They joined other beings directly to take advantage of them, and if they ended the life of the host, they quickly left to find a new victim.

Who is Venom then?

Venom was one of those corrupted symbiotes and disconnected from the hive mind. Together with their host, they started a war on their planet. He was not simply ostracized, but was sent to the Battleworld, also known as Battle World. It was a space created by Beyonder, and it’s the place where she merges with Spider-Man for the first time in the comics.

First appearance and character development

amazing spiderman 252.

Our slimy antihero first appeared in comics back in the year 1984 during the Secret Wars, and this is when Spider-Man ends up merging with Venom by mistake. Spider-Man was looking for a alien technology to repair his superhero costume, which had been smashed in the Secret Wars.

Venom appears in the form of a black sphere, inside a machine that keeps him prisoner. Parker touches him, and then Venom turns into a black Spider-Man suit. It takes a while until Spider-Man himself realizes that something is not going well with his new clothes, and tries to free himself from the parasite, something that he achieves thanks to the sound vibrations at the top of a steeple. Venom flees, and Spidey loses some of the supernatural abilities he had gained from the parasite. However, the symbiote has been left with the hero memories, which he will later use against him when he finds a new host.

spiderman venom first appearance

Although Venom still regards Spider-Man as his ideal body, the Klyntar ends up teaming up with Eddie brock, a journalist who is fired from his job and whose life has been turned into hell because of Spider-Man. The symbiote was drawn to that thirst for revenge, and it is when it merges with him that we can consider that it becomes Venom.

What is Venom like? Antihero Personality Analysis

Venom 2

Like all corrupted Klyntar, Venom is a addicted to violence and destruction. With Brock’s help, things get even worse. The character becomes more sadistic as he spends more time with his new host, forcing him to commit cannibalism to quench their thirst for blood.

Also, Venom is a metepath, because he is not able to lie. Always show your thoughts as they are, without camouflaging them in the least. At the same time, he is an absurdly arrogant being, which is why Eddie Brock suits him perfectly.

Venom’s powers and weaknesses

Venom: There will be carnage

Like every character in comics, be he hero or villain, Venom has his strengths and weaknesses. The Klyntar has not always had the same powers, one or the other being more present depending on the comic or movie in question.

Venom Powers

  • Shared memory and genetic memories: Venom is capable of infecting a host, accessing its memories and pass them on to your new host. Thanks to this, Eddie Brock knows the identity of Spider-Man.
  • Force and resistance: The Klyntar is able to gain a lot of strength depending on the host it conquers. At the same time, it is able to resist blows, and even bullets, thanks to its amorphous nature and its semi-liquid state. It also doesn’t need oxygen to survive, allowing its host to survive underwater.
  • Tissue regenerationVenom can heal its host at high speed, as well as even cure metabolic and genetic diseases in its host. It is a glimpse of its symbiotic origins; after all, he needs to survive.
  • Creation of cobwebs: probably, an ability acquired from his union with Peter Parker. Their nets are sturdier than Spidey’s own and much stickier.
  • “Arachnid” instinct: is another of the abilities that Venom takes from Spider-Man. However, Venom doesn’t trigger Parker’s spider sense. It is speculated that it is because Spidey was a symbiote, so his power no longer works with Venom.
  • Shapeshifting and camouflageVenom can transform into any outfit of clothing, tool, or even biological form.
  • Poisonous toxin– Acquired from Brock, the symbiote is capable of releasing powerful venom through its fangs.

Venom weaknesses

As we have seen, the Klyntar has some exceptional powers. However, it also has some weaknesses:

  • Loud sounds and sound waves: the mechanical waves of sound are capable of separating Venom from its host. It is in fact what Spider-Man did to get rid of him.
  • Heat and fire: high temperatures are capable of damaging the symbiote, leaving it totally out of combat. Fire is therefore a very effective weapon against the parasite.
  • Electricity: As with fire, the electric current damages the Klyntar, although it can also damage its host, as is obvious.

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