Get to know your library of games and the status of each one

The software that we install on our Windows-based computer is the most varied. Therefore, to adapt to the needs of each case, we will have to install office software, for photo editing, web design, electronic book management, etc. But as we mentioned before, here we are going to focus on a series of very useful applications to manage the state of our games.

Why do I need a game manager on my computer

With this, what we really want to tell you is that we are going to talk about a series of programs that will help you both with your own games and with those you want. And not only to know which ones we have installed, or which ones we are going to buy in the future, but also the situation regarding the games of the Titles that we are playing. Keep in mind that many users have hundreds or even thousands of games in their library. At the same time, many of these titles have been abandoned, with half games, in addition to many completed.

But of course if we take into account the high number of elements of this type that we have to remember, the task becomes quite complicated. That is where these programs that we are going to talk about next come into play. It is true that video games are quite entertaining, and as we tell you, many players have a lot of titles in their library. It is difficult to complete all those games, but if you are one of the millions of people who are passionate about the world of games in Pc, we will help you.

Programs to keep track of the game library

In short, we propose a few applications that will help you keep track of your games and decide how to finish them all. But not only that, but these software solutions that we are going to show you below, sometimes will also allow you to know the current market.

With this, what we want to tell you is that you will be able to know the closest releases, for which they have just been produced. That way you will be, from your own title manager, up to date with the current market of the games on PC.


Well, if you are lovers of PC video games and need help to manage them, we are going to start talking about this software solution called Grouvee. The first thing to keep in mind with this title is that it presents us with an interface design that is very pleasing to the eye. This will make it easier for us to work with the program as such, even if we are not used to working with this type of software.

In addition, we can keep track of the games currently available, and it is worth knowing that the ratings come from Grouvee users themselves. This means that application users can assign a status to any game to track and share. At the same time we have the possibility to select in which system is being played and the state in which our games are. In case we want to try all this first-hand, we just have to download it from its official website.


Next, we are going to face one of the most popular and long-used programs of this type in the world. Specifically, it is the solution called GG, a program with a few characteristics and a very simple style while being careful. Hence precisely that GG is one of the best options to manage your extensive video game library. With this tool we will have the possibility to keep track of the games that have just been launched on the market. In addition, we can search for a title specific or see which titles are currently trending.


At the same time, the application itself presents its interface with a large amount of information about each title in addition to the scores of the reviews. It is also worth noting that, to better manage their games, the user can set a status for each of them. This way you will be able to indicate for each title if you are playing it, if I have finished it, abandoned silo, etc. In order to download install this program, you can do it from here.


So far we have talked about the software solutions to manage the most complete and popular PC games. But it may be the case that we do not want to complicate our lives too much in this sense. What we want to tell you by this is that, if you are looking for simplicity, then BackLoggery It is the best alternative you can use. The first thing we will tell you is that this tool does not provide integration with a video game database. With this is what we want to tell you is that this program will not show us data, or screenshots, nor the title box, as it happens with others.


Here what we do is manually add each game together with the state it is in at that moment. That is, we indicate to the application if we have already finished it, if we are working on it, etc. All of this is done through a simple user interface with a simple design, all in the form of a personal database. To test this solution that we are commenting on, we can do it from its official website.


As with the titles for game management that we have talked about previously, this solution allows us to follow and manage our games. In this way and from a single user interface we will have the possibility to check the playability status of each of our titles in the library. But not only that, since this specific software offers us a additional function that could be very interesting to us.


Specifically, we refer to the possibility of knowing how long it will take us to finish a certain video game before starting with it. In this way, HowLongToBeat presents us with a series of tools suitable for mark the games in its various stages of completion. Additionally, users can import their library from Steam, which could be considered as one of the most interesting functions of this solution. To try all this that we tell you first hand, you can do it from here.


Another very interesting software solution in this sense is found with Completionator. We could say that this software is very simple to use and actually focuses on acting as a video game tracker. But that’s not all, but we will also have the possibility of importing our library from Steam.


Through the Interface proposed user name in this case, we can make a game tracking and the state of these. There is even an option to know the estimated value of the game in case we want to sell it second hand. We have the possibility to try all this that we have told you from this same link.


This is one of the most popular platforms in the world when it comes to PC gaming. At the same time, it is the largest store that we can use when acquiring new titles. But in addition to all this, it has a multitude of additional functions, all of them related to these forms of leisure. Among the many characteristics that it presents to the client of Steam, We can also highlight a powerful function of control of the State of our titles belonging to the library.

Steam account privacy - 3

And it is that with the passage of time we are accumulating new games to the library that we play to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, the client himself presents us with a multitude of data related to our games, the time we have played, and many other data of interest to know what the status of that specific title is. You can get this client from here.


When organizing our library of games on PC, another of the proposals that over time has been gaining respect from many users is Launchbox. Here we refer to a client originally created as a DosBox game launcher. But due to the success it had at the time, over time it has evolved into a powerful retro game manager.

LaunchBox retro games - 13

In turn, the program itself presents us with a complete database with all kinds of information about retro games and consoles. As you can imagine, it will serve us at the same time to be able to load all kinds of games within the software itself. We can also download its metadata, history, achievements and even the cover. We have the possibility to download this program through this link.


There are many services available to buy games such as the aforementioned Steam, among many others. But there are some who use several platforms and want to manage all the titles from a single tool. This is where Playnite comes in, a program designed to allow us to manage and launch games.


Thus, we only have to install the corresponding program on the PC from this link. Then we just have to select the gaming services we normally use and log into all of them. This will allow us, as we mentioned, to manage the titles of each of the libraries.


When we talk about Darkadia, we are actually referring to a database that is hosted on the internet and that gives its users the necessary tools for this. Specifically, we mean that the database will allow us to manage, organize and keep track of our game collection.


In this way we will have the possibility of managing our global library with titles belonging to multiple platforms. The program as such allows us to create labels, own categories, save keys games, etc. To test all this that we tell you, you will only have to download the corresponding application from this link.

What is the best game manager for PC

Along these same lines we have talked to you about the most interesting software solutions today for managing your game libraries. These are the most interesting and used all over the world right now. There are simpler or more complete ones, all depending on the needs of each case. But if we have to highlight one of them, we are going to opt for the so-called GG. One of the main reasons for this is that it has a huge User Community.

In addition, it allows us to be up-to-date in a market as complete as that of video games for the PC platform. And not only that, since we can interact with others, or add our content and manage the status of each title in our library. In addition, from a single interface we find a huge amount of interesting data about these games and ratings from other users.

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