Get Windows 10 for € 13, Windows 11 for € 17… Being legal has never been so cheap

As you can see, we are back with one of the irresistible offers from Supercdk, one of the most popular original key distribution stores on the Internet where you can find promotions as interesting as the one at hand: What do you think of Windows 10 Pro for only 13 euros? And how about Windows 11 for just 17 euros? Well, there is more and for less.

In fact, it has never been so cheap to be legal, and you do not need to buy a new equipment or spend more to get One hundred percent official Windows licenses with the best conditions. It is as easy as making an online purchase in a trusted store used by thousands of users every day for this and other tasks related to product keys.

That is why we tell you not to complicate yourself. Do not complicate yourself by looking for illegal and unsafe methods to use Windows; methods that force you to waste time and entrust your luck and your security to downloads over which you have no control, when for just over 10 euros you can get a valid license in a totally reliable way and without any complication.

Buying at Supercdk is as simple as doing it at any other online store: you create an account, choose the product you want, add it to the cart, you pay for it … and it is yours with full guarantees. But it is not only easy: it is also very cheap and if you add (or rather, subtract) the discount coupon that we indicate, it is a bargain.

In addition, this Supercdk promotion that we bring you is not limited to Windows licenses: You can also buy licenses for the Microsoft Office suite at a minimal cost, and even save more if possible by acquiring a pack with both products and releasing the latest Microsoft software at the best possible price. Take note of the menu that we offer you, because you are surely interested in:

Keep in mind that to get any of these licenses at the price indicated, you have to use the 25% discount coupon by entering “VERY” (without quotes) before completing the purchase process. It is perfectly marked, so don’t worry: just look at the field that says “promo code” and that the discount is applied before paying.

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive an email in the account with which you registered in Supercdk, or failing that, a notification in the store itself with access to see the password you have purchased and that will allow you to use the license on the device of your choice. As simple as that!

And now, the answers to the questions you are asking yourself:

  • How is it possible that a Windows 10 Pro license costs 13 euros, when its official price on Microsoft’s site is 259 euros? It is possible thanks to the fact that they are OEM licenses, bought in bulk to make their retail sale extremely cheap.
  • Why then doesn’t Microsoft sell these licenses? It does sell them, but not to individuals, but to other companies such as Supercdk in large quantities.
  • How legal and reliable are OEM licenses? As legal and reliable as those that are included in any new equipment; the only limitation they contemplate is that they are linked to the device – desktop or laptop computer – in which you activate them, which is still a great deal for the user.

Finally … Windows 10 or Windows 11? That is now your decision, but … Windows 10 is more stable, it still has several years of support ahead, it is cheaper and allows both the free update to Windows 11, as well as going back if you regret it.

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