Get Windows 10 for life for € 11.5, 28% discount!

One of the biggest impediments that users are finding when it comes to upgrade to Windows 11 It is the fact of not having an original Windows 10 license, something necessary to obtain the update of the Microsoft operating system for free. Fortunately, this problem has an easy (and cheap) solution, since now you can buy your Windows 10 license code, for life and with no expiration date, for just 11.5 Euros. We tell you how to get it below.

Windows 10 and 11 license code with 28% discount

Keysbuff HDZ

Here are some examples of the license codes that you can buy in Keysbuff, where if you use the discount code HDZ during the purchase process you will get a 28% off additional:

If you need, in addition to the operating system, the Office office suite, you can also get it at the best price (and with the same discount code):

Of course, if you need a license code for Windows 10 but also for Office, then you can buy a combo saving even more:

Keep in mind that if you click on any of the links that we have placed above, you will see that the price does not match the one that we have placed here; This happens because initially the 28% discount is not applied, but as soon as you add the products to the shopping cart and enter the discount code in it HDZYou will see that the prices do match and you can make the purchase at the prices that we have indicated.

The free upgrade to go from Windows 10 to Windows 11 requires that you have a license of the first activated, which means that if you had your operating system not activated or activated without an original license, you will not receive the update. Today we are going to talk about how to get a Windows 10 license code, which is valid for life, it never expires and what’s more, it has no activation limit so you can use it whenever you want.

Legal, cheap and yours forever, how is it possible?

Windows 11 Motherboards

Many of you will say that, if Microsoft sells its licenses much more expensive, how is it possible that buying them so cheap is legal? You see, in 2012 the European Court of Justice ruled that a license code (be it Windows 10, 11 or any other software) has exactly the same validity as if it were a physical product, which means that the same rules of sale than any other product; In other words, software licenses can be bought and sold.

Stores like Keysbuff They are dedicated to buying discarded OEM equipment licenses, that is, equipment that came with the operating system pre-activated from the factory but that, due to age, were going to be thrown away. They buy these licenses in large volumes, which allows them to do so at extremely low prices, so then they just have to reactivate these licenses with Microsoft and then they can sell them again.

For this reason, these licenses are completely original and totally legal and valid for life, allowing users to save a lot of money on their purchase and guaranteeing that we will not have any problems either during the activation process or in the future.

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