Get Windows 10 for life for €11 and Office for €24, save 91% on the March sales!

We have reached the third month of the year, and Holy Week is already on the horizon. And, as we always say, if you need to take your equipment with you on vacation to attend to work issues, you’d better make sure that your Windows and Office licenses They are in order to guarantee that you will not get unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, you can still purchase Windows and Office licenses for nothing less than the 91% discountand then we will tell you how.

The maximum savings with the HZ35 discount coupon

If you click on any of the links that we have put above, you will see that the price does not match, and that is because we put right next to the price of each link, the price stays that way after using the HZ35 discount coupon, which reduces the price by 30%. Doing it is very simple: you must register in the online store, log in, add the licenses you want to buy to the shopping cart, and when you click on it you will see that there is a box at the bottom left where you can write.

Discount CDKeySales

Enter the code HZ35 and, after clicking on request, you will see that the discount is applied and the price that we have set above coincides, which as you will see means, depending on the license you have chosen, up to 91% discount on Compared to buying Windows or Office from the manufacturer’s official store. Don’t worry, these licenses come from discarded OEM equipment and are completely legal and original, and they also have no expiration date, they are for life.

Once you have reached this point, you simply have to finish the purchase process (we recommend PayPal for its security and speed) and in a few minutes you will receive your digital license code at the email address with which you registered in the store.

This is how Windows is activated with these digital licenses

The license you are buying in this online store is digital, which means that what you receive is a written code (according to a European Union ruling in 2012, this license code has the same validity as if it were a physical product), which greatly facilitates both the fact that you receive it in a few minutes and its use, since after all it is a matter of copying and pasting.

To do this, click the Start button and then Settings (the gear icon). In the window that opens, navigate to System -> Activation and you will see in the middle area that it says “Change license key”. Click on it and a blue window will open, where you can write or paste the license code you have purchased.

Activate Windows 10

Once the license code has been entered, click on Next and your PC will automatically connect to Microsoft servers to verify that the license is valid. After a short period of time (usually a few seconds, but sometimes it can take up to a couple of minutes) your operating system will be activated with a valid, original, lifetime license.

Windows 10 activated

However, if you find any problem, don’t worry, because this online store is committed to providing you with a valid license without expiration, so they will be happy to help you through their support means to provide you with all the help you need.

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