Get Windows 10 for only 12 euros and start 2022 with all the guarantees

A new year has just begun and… what new resolutions have you set for yourself? We suggest one that you may not have thought about, but that will surely interest you: getting Microsoft software at the best price you will find nowhere. Of course, hurry because these offers fly.

What we offer you below is the opportunity to get One hundred percent original licenses for Windows 10, Windows 11 or Microsoft Office at an unbeatable price, a real bargain that you cannot afford to miss, if you are still using ‘pirated’ software. Seriously: it is not worth risking the security of your data for a handful of euros.

When you install Windows or Microsoft Office illegally, you are not only breaking the law, you are also putting your data at risk, and that is because the ‘tools’ that promote their use without paying modify internal aspects of the system that can translate into software vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals for different purposes.

Any risk arising from illegitimate practices such as those described, however, is avoided by paying for the license and therefore using original software. Why is hacking of Windows or Microsoft Office so widespread then? Because the cost of licenses can be very expensive for common pockets. Or so it was until a while ago.

Now, thanks to online stores like Supercdk, you can get original Windows and Office licenses for a fraction of what they cost in official Microsoft channels. No cheat or cardboard: Windows 10 for 12 euros, Windows 11 for 18 euros, Microsoft Office for 40 euros… And even packages with all in one with which you will get everything at a lower price if possible.

These spectacular prices are within your reach as long as you use the discount coupon for a limited time that we offer you in this promotion. Specifically, this promotion includes:

windows 11

Which one interests you the most? Go for it without hesitation, the process is very simple: you register with Supercdk with your email account, choose the product and before completing the purchase process, claim the 30% discount coupon by entering “VERY” (without the quotes). Check the field that says “promotion code” and that the discount is applied before paying.

Once you have made the payment, you will receive in the email account with which you registered a link to download the corresponding license. And there is no more: you can use Windows and Office with all the laws, or what is the same, with all the guarantees provided by the original software. And you start the year well.

Now, if what you want is a recommendation on whether Windows 10 or Windows 11, Office 2019 or Office 2021 … Due to the small price differences between the new version of Office and the previous one, it seems better business to go for the first one, while In the case of Windows, you may prefer to be more conservative and go up to 10, which is more stable and allows you to jump to 11 whenever you feel like it without spending an extra penny.

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