get Xiaomi’s automatic inflator with a great discount

Do you move around your town or city by bicycle or with an electric scooter? When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Inflating the tires of a scooter or a bike can be quite tedious with a traditional inflator. Luckily, Xiaomi released its famous inflator for sale a few years ago, which is now on sale on Amazon and is sure to come in handy to keep your vehicle maintenance up to date.

Take the Xiaomi inflator with a 22% discount

If you move around a lot electric bike or scooter, you may have ever had a flat tire. Puncturing is not entirely a drama, as it falls within normality when one of these vehicles is carried. But it is true that it is a situation that we do not like too much because it means having to get our hands dirty changing a wheel or even leaving our vehicle in a workshop to be repaired. Luckily, reducing the probability of getting a flat tire is very easy, because you only have to carry the correct tire pressure.

On a bike, the pressure in a tire is usually fairly stable. However, the same does not happen in electric scooters. Being very small tires and receiving constant impacts with curbs, it is not surprising that, after a week or two of use, your wheels have lost pressure. And that means that the possibility of a hit directly hitting the inner tube of your tire increases exponentially.

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To make this maintenance work a little more attractive, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mijia Inflator 1S, a portable device that everyone should have for its ease of use and its quality of manufacture. The Xiaomi portable air pump has a large battery that allows you to use the inflator in any situation without the need for cables. With this device you can easily inflate the tires of an electric scooter, a motorcycle, a bike or even a car. It’s as easy as selecting the pressure you want on the screen and tapping the center button. The display can show the information both in PSI and in bars. Its compressor allows you to inflate wheels at a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, and its 2,000 mAh battery is enough for many uses, especially if you use this product to inflate scooter wheels.

If you’re interested in this auto inflator, it’s currently on sale for about 46.74 euros, a discount of 22% compared to its standard PVP of 59.99 euros.

As you can see in the link, their opinions they are completely outstandingbeing one of the best resolved products in the entire catalog of the Chinese brand.

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