get your bonus of 400 euros to spend on video games, movies and more

It must be borne in mind that this bond to which we refer has already been available for a few months for your request. Specifically, the process to be able to do this began last July, specifically on the 25th. Obviously, for all this, the first thing we must have is a digital certificate in order to authenticate our identity. It is true that it will also help us to use the Cl@ve system for these same purposes.

It must be said that initially this bonus is available to all those who turn 18 throughout this 2022. In this way the Government calculated that around half a million people could benefit from all this throughout these months. The controversy was served because it is solely and exclusively for those who make 18 years during these 12 months, if you are 19, you are out. In short, those who have born in 2004.

In addition, these young people will have a period of 12 months to spend those 400 euros in cultural elements. Among the established limits, we find a maximum of 200 euros in live art and audiovisual events. In turn, a maximum of 100 euros is established in physical cultural products, and another 100 in digital ones.

How to get the Young Bonus and when the term ends

We tell you all this because despite the fact that it has been available for your request for some time, the term is coming to an end. It is important to know that we have the possibility, in the event that we meet the requirements mentioned above, to request this Youth Cultural Bonus until next October 15. This means that those who can take advantage of these 400 euros from the Government only have a little more than a couple of weeks to do so.

Once you have the digital certificate or Cl@ve, in order to benefit from this money and spend it on cultural events over the next few months, let’s see how to do it. Actually, the process is quite simple, since we only have to request it through one of these digital identification methods, through this website.

web cultural bonus

Once we have the aforementioned website on the screen, we only have to click on the button that says Click here to request it. Of course, first of all, we will have to register on the website that we mentioned to log in with our corresponding credentials. In addition, here we will also see the requirements that we have talked about and that you must meet in order to request this help.

ask for young bonus

From there we can apply for the Youth Cultural Bonusbut be attentive, there are only a few days left since this period ends on October 15.

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