Get your favorite Steam games updated before the rest

The vast majority of lovers games for PC, for years they have been using the main platform for all this, we refer to Valve’s Steam. It allows us, not only to enjoy our titles, but to carry out many other management tasks and even interact with our friends.

The functions that little by little have been coming to this game store, have made it become the benchmark in the sector. All this despite the fact that we have many other alternatives to buy and play on our PC directly. A clear example of all this is found, for example, with the Epic Games Store which is also growing over time. However, with everything and with it Steam continues to be the benchmark in this regard.

In this way, what we achieve is to grow our library of games, add new objects and add friends with whom to interact from here. And speaking of the game library, as it grows we should carry out certain management tasks. Keep in mind that there are users who add hundreds or thousands of titles added to this element. Therefore, the importance of carrying out a good organization of our personal library it will be important.

We are talking about a good number of games added to our Steam account, so if we are careless we can lose control over them. One of the elements that could be considered as keys in this sense is everything related to the update of these titles.

Manage the update of your games on Steam

Well, at this point the first thing we should know is that the platform that we are talking about gives us all the facilities for these procedures. If we focus on the updates to the games we purchase at the time, we can even prioritize those we use the most. Keep in mind that the developers of this software constantly send updates with improvements and patches for their projects.

These generally take up disk space, require time and bandwidth to download, and can affect the performance of the PC in general. Therefore, if we have a large number of games stored in our Steam library, this is an aspect that we should consider. Precisely below we are going to show you how to adjust and customize the update of our games on the platform. The first thing we must do to manage this section in a certain title is to access the Library section of the main game client interface.

steam updates

Next, we will have to locate that title that we are interested in customizing. At that moment a series of options will appear on the screen available in the corresponding context menu of the game itself. In the case at hand, we will have to opt for the Properties option. Then a new window will appear with a left panel that corresponds to the available configuration categories. Here we just have to click on the section called Upgrades.

Now we just have to take a look at the drop-down list that we found corresponding to these updates. It must be said that the configuration here affects only the selected title. In this way we will have the possibility to install the update at the time of its shipment, install it when executing the title, or what interests us here, update our games before any other. Thus, as we mentioned before, we will have the possibility of prioritize updates for the video games we use the most.

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