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In the event that your iPhone is outdated or if you want to indulge yourself, surely you have thought about buying the new iPhone 12. Right now these iPhones are on sale at Amazon in all their models. Although the new iPhone 13 will be presented in a month, this generation continues and will continue to have a very high value and it is still being sold thanks to its good performance. In this article we will tell you all the details about this offer in the iPhone 12 range.

On Amazon there is a space dedicated to the official Apple store. This means that all the iPhones that are exposed here are totally original and also new. The only difference that exists is that in this case if that relevant discounts can be found, something that in the Apple Store can hardly be found. This is in addition to the fact that the payment is totally secure and the legal guarantee of 2 years is always available. The first of these will be received by Apple itself and the second will be the responsibility of Amazon’s technical service.

Discounts on the standard iPhone 12

At the bottom of this generation are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. These boast more ‘basic’ features over the ‘Pro’ models. But the only difference of relevance is in the camera since the A14 Bionic processor is also shared. To this is also added that the iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4-inch screen and the 12 ‘normal’ is 6.1 inches.

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB:
    • Any color (blue, white, purple, black, red, or green): 110 euros discount
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB:
    • Blue, white or purple color: 117 euros discount
    • Green, black or green color: 90 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 mini:
    • Green color: 110 euros discount
    • Purple or red color: 110 euros discount
    • Color blue: 38 euros discount
  • iPhone 12 64GB:
    • Red or green color: 107 euros discount
    • Blue, white, purple or black color: 100 euros discount
  • 128GB iPhone 12:
    • Any color (blue, white, purple, black, red, or green): 100 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12:
    • Any color (blue, white, purple, black, red, or green): 100 euros discount

The ‘Pro’ models also reduced

In addition to those mentioned above, the Pro and Pro Max models can be found on sale. The screen of these devices is 6.1 and 6.7 respectively. In addition, they also integrate a triple camera with a LiDAR sensor on the back. That is why it becomes the ideal equipment to have a professional camera on your mobile device.

iphone 12 pro max

  • iPhone 12 Pro 128GB:
    • Graphite color: 157 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 Pro:
    • Color blue: 61 euros discount
    • Graphite color: 47 euros discount
    • Silver color: 44 euros discount
  • 512GB iPhone 12 Pro:
    • Graphite color: 51 euros discount
    • Silver color: 49 euros discount
    • Color blue: 41 euros discount
  • 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Blue, graphite or silver color: 60 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Color blue: 82 euros discount.
    • Graphite color: 132 euros discount.
  • 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Silver color: 50 euros discount
    • Blue or graphite color: 49 euros discount
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