Getac launches a virtual exhibition for the automotive industry

The Getac firm has launched a virtual exhibition that, as we anticipate in the title, focuses on the automotive industry. This exhibition offers a truly unique experience, and in 3D, which will allow us to discover, first-hand, the value that Getac hardened devices and software solutions offer when applied to this sector.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that Getac has a wide range of value solutions that can be optimally integrated and used, throughout the entire automotive industry chain. This includes both the R&D (research and development) phases as well as the production and assembly phases, and yes, the after-sales phase as well. Through this virtual exhibition, we can see them in action.

One of the most interesting examples focused on the after-sales phase is found in digitization, since it allows Go completely paperless and digitize and simplify tasks as important as the multi-point inspection process and sending customers an easy-to-understand Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC) report. By not using paper, dealers can easily capture, store and retrieve vehicle history, as well as document repair data with photos and videos.

These types of solutions are proven to speed customer decision times and lead times, and can increase parts revenue and billable labor, generating an average of $ 35 more in revenue on each repair.

Russell Younghusband, General Manager Automotive, Getac Technology Corporation, commented:

“For the first time, customers can see these solutions first-hand through the virtual exhibition. The platform shows how Getac’s automotive hardware and software technology can drive a smarter approach across the entire automotive value chain, giving industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealer community the ability to streamline processes and boost productivity and efficiency. “

The virtual event covers different themes, among which we can highlight:

  • After-sales and workshop operations: which touches on such important issues as wasting time and reducing the costs of shop operations, goals that we can achieve using hardware and software solutions that address key shop processes, allowing technicians to spend more time in the service bay servicing vehicles or in the field performing roadside repairs.
  • Automobile manufacturingThe modern warehouse is a mix of raw manufacturing power and incredibly complex digitized management systems. This will allow us to experience how Getac devices connect directly to a wide range of machines and sensors on the assembly line to allow manufacturers to more easily conduct inspections, carry out tests and collect technical data. They seamlessly integrate with enterprise resource planning platforms, manufacturing execution systems, and quality inspection systems, ensuring transparency of manufacturing operations.
  • R&D and engineering– Effective R&D requires fast and accurate data collection and analysis in a wide range of environments, both on and off the road. Automakers need compact but rugged devices that offer good performance and ease of use suitable for testing and verification activities in extreme conditions. In this case, we will see the differential value offered by Getac solutions.

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