Ghostbusters: will Legacy have a sequel? Here are the words of the director

Apparently Ghostbusters: Legacy has been really enjoyed by fans around the world and many are now wondering if there will be a sequel to the film, a Ghostbusters: Legacy 2 (which probably won’t be called that).

Ghostbusters: Legacy 2 will be done?

It’s probably still too early to talk about a sequel… to the sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise. But it’s clear to everyone that the reception to Jason Reitman’s film has been very different from that of Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters, and fans still want more.

During an interview with Uproxx, the director was asked if Egon Spengler had chosen to remove the Ghostbusters II logo from the Ecto-1 and replace it with the original logo; and this is where Reitman jokingly hinted at the possibility of a sequel.

“I wish I could tell you about this, but it is a story that is not told in this film and is part of future ideas”

A simple joke or is the director really thinking about a Ghostbusters: Legacy sequel? Given the success achieved at the box office, the chances of seeing Ghostbusters: Legacy 2 made seem to be actually more than concrete.

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Ah, and as for Ghostbusters 2, Reitman reiterated that the film is absolutely canon (although it was pretty clear if you’ve seen Ghostbusters Legacy).

“Ghostbusters 2 is definitely canon. There are references to Ghostbusters 2 in Afterlife (Legacy in Italy). We meet Ray who works at Ray’s Occult. Ghostbusters 2’s toaster is in the farmhouse kitchen. There are actually many details of Ghostbusters 2 but no one seems to know Ghostbusters 2 other than Vigo and the Ghostbusters 2 logo. So there is this assumption that it is not canon but it is definitely canon. “

What do you think? Would you like to see a Ghostbusters: Legacy sequel made? Let us know through a comment below!

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