Gi Group Holding seeks 3,000 workers for Black Friday

Companies are already in the process of preparing to face Black Friday. In this sense, from Gi Group Holding, multinational company of Italian origin that offers its clients a set of 360º HR solutions, expects the trend of previous years to continue with regard to recruitmentdespite the economic situation.

The reason is that companies trust that the discounts and offers of those days will increase consumption.

In this sense, Gi Group Holding seeks 3,000 candidates to cover various vacancies in key sectors especially linked to these dates: logistics, food, retail and contact center.

The most searched profiles for this Black Friday campaign will be, dealerswarehouse clerks, packers and forklift operators both in the logistics and retail sector, as well as in the food sector, in addition, in the latter, more specific profiles of the sector are sought as food operators.

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In general, previous experience will be positively valued, and, in addition, in the case of forklift drivers, the corresponding cards.

In addition, telemarketers and administrative staff are in demand in the Contact Center area, where the domain of languages ​​and experience in the sector will be key for the candidates.

Distributors: the most demanded profile

Of the profiles most sought after by companies, the one of delivery man, a professional demanded in different sectors such as logistics or retail. So much so that, from Gi Group Holding seeks to fill 1,000 vacancies in the coming days.

Candidates must have previous experience in the position and have a driver’s license.

Black Friday, an opportunity to find the best job offer

Looking for a job is synonymous with searching and searching among the offers. In this case, you should be aware that companies generally need temporary candidates, but this does not mean that later the workers with the best results can end up being hired indefinitely or similar. Therefore, it is a good time to be active in the job search. For this, from Gi Group Holding perform five recommendations:

  1. Update your resume. A good resume is the best cover letter. Sometimes, even if all the skills are met to fill a vacancy, it is not achieved because it is poorly prepared. The resume should show the company that you are everything they need.
  2. Use social media Social networks are also very useful for finding work and their use among recruiters in the search for professionals is becoming more and more common. Therefore, it is important to create a profile on LinkedIn. Remember to use a profile image that demonstrates professionalism and highlights your main skills.
  3. Have confidence. Confidence in oneself is essential both in the search and at the time of the interview.
  4. Prepare the interview. Before going to an interview, think about everything that they can ask you about your experience, training or skills. When the time comes, remember to speak up and leave your nerves at home!
  5. Be constant. When the perfect position arrives, you’ll know it, in the meantime don’t despair if you don’t get called after an interview. Keep looking without falling into negativity!

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