Giant Power Banks with Infinite mAhs: Advantage or Failure?

Advantages and disadvantages of Power Banks with large capacity

Before we start with this list, let us put you on notice of an issue. And, if you have not read any of those articles that we mentioned, you may not know very well what it is about the mAh.

This parameter is defined as milliamp hour (mAh) and it is with which the maximum load capacity that this type of portable batteries have is measured. And of course, they also determine the number of charges that we can make to the equipment that we connect to them. To give you an idea, although there is no official value, we could consider that a Power Bank is of great capacity if it exceeds 30,000 mAh.

We know it can seem very wonderful to have “gazillion” mAh available, but this involves a number of drawbacks or limitations:

  • Weight: it is perhaps the aspect where it is usually reflected more, together with the size, that our battery has a large load capacity. Models with higher values ​​can reach a weight that calmly exceeds 1.5 kg or even approaches 2 kg.
  • Forbidden to travel: when taking flights (especially) the models with greater capacities are usually prohibited in boarding.
  • They don’t measure up: you must bear in mind that not because they are large capacity they will be able to charge any type of device. It is true that many models with many mAh have ports with powers that exceed 60 W or 100 W, but this is not always the case. We recommend that you consult our article on external batteries for travel in which we tell you everything you need to know about them.

Higher capacity portable batteries

Say the above, and now that you know that in large capacity Power Banks not everything is rosy, it is time to show you that list with the best options you can buy.

Baseus portable battery (30,000 mAh)

The first model that we want to recommend you is this Power Bank of 30,000 mAh Of the brand Baseus. It has 2 USB type A, a USB-C to charge other equipment and another USB-C to charge the battery itself. In addition, on one of its sides it has an LED indicator that will show us the level of remaining autonomy. This model has a weight of 600 grams and a price of 36 euros (Although on Amazon we can add a coupon with an additional 10% discount).

Power Bank Aikove (30,000 mAh)

If you need something more off-road for your trips and excursions, you can always opt for this battery of 30,000 mAh of Aikove. This model has 2 USB type A, 2 USB-C with fast charging technology and a microUSB. It also adds an LED light to be able to use it as a flashlight, a 10 W wireless charging surface and another solar charging surface, so that we can charge it while we go for a walk or walk. Best of all, it will withstand anything we throw at it thanks to its shock protection and water resistance. The price of this battery is 45.99 euros.

JIGA portable battery (30,000 mAh)

Finally, before making the leap to capacities of even more mAh, we want to recommend this model of JIGA. It is a Power Bank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh, 3 USB type A ports (2 with fast charging), 2 USB type C, a microUSB and a wireless charging surface. This battery is priced at 36 euros.

Although, if you prefer, there is also another model available from the manufacturer that instead of the wireless charging surface incorporates a solar panel to charge with daylight.

DJROLL Power Bank (36,000 mAh)

For the more adventurous who need a battery to spare for their getaways, a very interesting option could be this external battery with protection of DJROLL. A model with a capacity of 36,000 mAh and a weight of 599 grams. This has a solar panel to charge itself during the day, an LED flashlight for when the sun goes down and, as we said, a ruggedized one that will protect it from any blow. It also incorporates a wireless charging surface, a USB type C, two USB type A and a micro USB. This model is available for a price of 39.99 euros.

Litionite Hurakan external battery (46,400 mAh)

We continue to increase capacity until we reach the 46,400 mAh with this Litionite Hurakan. A model of external battery with several USB A ports and even an AC connector to plug in our own chargers. The maximum charging power of this model is 200 W, enough to connect a laptop if we need it. Its weight is 1.8 Kg and, with respect to the price, it reaches 209.90 euros.

Kridonia Power Bank (60,000 mAh)

Finally, we want to show you a real madness when it comes to load capacity. This model of Krisdonia has a total of 60,000 mAh to be able to load any equipment that we connect through its ports. Specifically, we will have 2 USB A, a USB-C and even an AC port to connect “normal” chargers to it. This “portable” battery has a weight of 1.8 Kg and, with respect to its price, reaches the 259.90 euros.

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