Gigabyte no longer includes the drivers CD and you didn’t even know

It is not the first manufacturer to have decided remove CDs on new products. The reality is that this element is less and less necessary, because some drivers are already installed natively. Until now this element was included, above all, by the driver of the network card.

Gigabyte withdraws the drivers CD of its new motherboards

The driver disk was for many years highly important for the network card. Windows may not include a generic network driver for the motherboard. Of course, we couldn’t connect to the internet without this driver. In addition to not being able to access the internet, it prevented installing and/or updating the rest of the drivers.

Windows 7 was the last to not include network drivers. Since then, all Microsoft operating systems include a generic driver or drivers. These drivers allow you to access the internet without major problems, although it is convenient to update them. There are tools for this, such as Driver Booster, so you don’t have to manually search the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

motherboard network drivers are installed natively

Since Windows 10 and more recently Windows 11, the driver CD is a stay-in-the-box item. gigabytes in the 600 series chipset motherboards has already removed it. But this is not new, they have withdrawn this optical support for some time now. It has not been replaced by a USB stick, as other manufacturers have done.

It should be noted that Gigabyte, to avoid driver problems for users, has implemented an intelligent solution. The motherboard bios It has an automatic software download function from the application center.

After you start your computer and reach the Windows desktop, an automatic installation will take place. Later, other necessary drivers will be accessible through the app center.

new gigabyte gaming motherboards no longer include driver disc

Drivers are becoming more and more unnoticed

It is quite common for users to only update graphics card drivers. They are drivers that are updated every so often to include performance improvements in games and bug fixes, among others. But still there are users who do not update the driver.

Not updating drivers is a major problem, especially with regard to security. Drivers such as the one for the network card, data ports such as the USB or the sound card are updated relatively little. The updates do not have to do in many cases with improvements, but with security. The problem is that these updates are released silently and of course, users are not aware.

There are tools, like the one we mentioned above, that are responsible for searching for new drivers. It is interesting to spend them once a year, at least. They help us stay up to date with updates and avoid possible problems in the future.

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