Gigabyte suffers second ransomware attack in three months

The Taiwanese Hardware Manufacturer Gigabyte has apparently suffered a ransomware attack which, if confirmed, would be the second attack of the same type experienced by the company in three months, since in August it suffered another, attributed to the Ransom EXX band, in which the group suffered the theft of 112 GB of data. However, according to SiliconAngle, the company has not yet confirmed it, nor has it offered information about it.

The one that has given information about what happened is the criminal intelligence platform on the DarkTracer web, which has confirmed that the name of the company has appeared on the list of victims of the ransomware group known as AvosLocker, which apparently has only recently started operations. Its first activity was registered at the end of last June, and since then it has been moving through forums frequented by cybercriminals in search of allies to carry out attacks through the spread of its malware.

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