GitHub changes CEO and announces code review controls

The GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, he is going to leave his post after five years with the company. Friedman came to Microsoft after Redmond bought Xamarin, of which Friedman was one of the founders. Later, when the company bought GitHub three years ago, he became its CEO. Now he is going to work in the startup world again.

As Friedman himself recalled in a post on the GitHub blog, «With what we’ve accomplished in mind, and with more than five years under my belt at Microsoft, I’ve decided it’s time to go back to my startup roots. I’m on my next adventure: supporting, advising and investing in the founders and developers who are creating the future with technology and facing some of the greatest opportunities of today.«.

Friedman’s replacement at the helm of GitHub is going to be Thomas dohmke, the Product manager of the company. He will take up his post on November 15, and GitHub will continue to operate independently of Microsoft. But it is not the only change that is going to be made in the structure of Github, since Dohmke, instead of reporting what happens on GitHub to Scott Guthrie, Head of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, will inform Julia Liuson, that She is only 29 years old and is already considered a Microsoft veteran and is going to occupy the position of President of Microsoft’s developers division.

On the other hand, GitHub has also announced the launch of code review controls and restrictionsapart from one improvement in notifications for users of its Git-based version control system, and on its code-sharing site. Among the goals that have been raised with this step, according to InfoWorld, is to try to address third-party pull request approvals and change requests that become spam.

Thus, from now on, those who dedicate themselves to maintaining code can limit who can approve and request changes in pull requests. At the repository level, a code maintainer can limit approvals and changes to only users who have been explicitly granted read access or higher. They can also activate code review limits in all repositories associated with their use, or an organization’s account.

To activate code review limits for a repository, maintainer only needs to go to the repository’s configuration page and choose the option that gives access to moderation settings. There you have to choose the option Code Review Limits (Code review limits) and activates the so-called Limit to users explicitly granted read or higher access (Limit to users who explicitly have read access or higher. ”To do the same in the GitHub mobile app, just close the spam notification and block the person making the request.

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