GitHub Copilot, the AI-powered tool that helps you write code, is now available

GitHub has announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence powered code writing support tool Copilot. It works by suggesting lines of code to developers within its code editor, and had been in testing since last year. Of course, it will not be free, and developers who want to use it will have to pay $10 per month for it, or subscribe to an annual plan of $100 per year, with two free months each year.

GitHub Copilot is capable of suggesting to developers the next line of code they are currently writing, while they are coding in an integrated development environment. Like Visual Studio Code or the JetBrains IDE. You can’t just suggest simple code, as GitHub Copilot is capable of suggesting full methods as well as complex algorithms. Also standard code. For another. On the other hand, it is also able to assist in tests.

GitHub partnered with OpenAI last year for the test release of Copilot. His arrival also contributed to the investment of 1,000 million dollars that Microsoft made in OpenAI. Copilot is built on OpenAI Codex, an heir to the language generation algorithm GPT-3the flagship product of OpenAI.

Of course, its creation and launch have not been without controversy. A few weeks ago, the list of prohibited words that Copilot apparently has was made public, which are supposedly offensive, but not all of them are, and many are related to political issues. In addition, a study has also appeared that ensures that 40% of the Copilot code contained security vulnerabilities, which makes it necessary to review it exhaustively. Meanwhile, from GitHub they assure that in the files that Copilot activates, 40% of its code is created by the assistant.

So far more than 1.2 million developers have tried Copilot for free in the last 12 months. From now on you will have to pay to use it, although the subscription offers 60 days free trial. And it will be free in certain cases. Among them, for students, but through a verification process that they are indeed studying. Nor will they have to pay those who are in charge of maintaining open source projects popular. GitHub has also announced that it will start offering Copilot to enterprises later this year.

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