Give your Christmas tree a retro touch with these decorating ideas

If you want to decorate your house for Christmas and nostalgia can affect you on these dates, don’t worry, it’s normal and we have what you are looking for. We are going to show you the best decorations retro that you can put on the tree, or near it, to decorate your home these holidays. With them, you will create atmosphere and go back in time to a more welcoming time. Or at least, even one in which we were all younger and that was what made it good.

And for starters, nothing better than combining the passion for retro with that of video games. Of course, of those with a resolution of 8 pixels.

Pac-Man decorations for your Christmas tree

If you are a lover of what vintage, make it clear by decorating your Christmas tree with these pac-man ornaments. Few more things geeks and legendary than the video game that broke all the molds in the 80s.

This is a simple, fast and curious way to tell everyone that you will never grow up.

They can be found in various places and in different forms, but the ones you see in the image above belong to this Etsy shop.

And if you’re crafty enough, you can always build a complete Pac-Man Christmas tree, like this one …

Retro Pacman Christmas Tree

A retro light and snow lantern

If you want to give atmosphere to the corner of the tree and that it is not only Christmas, but also takes us to another not so apocalyptic time, a retro lantern or snowball is ideal.

There are many to choose from, but this one, in the shape of an old lantern, we like a lot to illuminate near the tree and show that you have something of good taste, although it may not seem like it, after the Pac-Man tree.

Vintage string lights to look like Stranger Things

Some Christmas lights are essential to put on your fir tree, decorate it and show your preference for the past. Or at least, by the eighties. Therefore, we recommend these lights in particular.

Why are you?

Because if you don’t want to put them directly on your tree, they advertise themselves so you can reproduce the famous scene from Stranger things on your wall, along with the alphabet that Winona Ryder assembles to communicate with the Other Side, the Upside Down World or whatever you want to call it. Better background impossible.

The Bethlehem of the PlayMobil

That I played with them when they were Famobil and no Playmobil, so you can imagine that I have been here longer than the sun. The clicks have always been a retro icon and geek meanwhile hyperdetailed doll full of steroids.

Therefore, a good way to complement the Christmas tree and have visitors roll their eyes is that your Nativity is from Playmobil. That the arc of the star lights up and everything‚Ķ That’s what you can say when asked.

No one is going to ask, they will not dare.

As you can see, if you want to combine nostalgia and christmas tree (of course with a touch geek), with these options the triumph is certain. At least the triumph in your head, we’ll see what the family has to say when they see it.

This article contains affiliate links and The Output may receive a small commission if you buy something of what we have shown you here. However, no brand or entity, except the Christmas spirit, has influenced the choices we have made.

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