Give your old AV receiver a second chance with this HDMI adapter

If you are a sound lover, surely you have a device that boasts the latest features, including the best connectivity options. But also You may have an old AV receiver lying around the house that doesn’t have HDMI.

We’re talking about that old amp that only has SPDIF and therefore you can’t connect an Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV or any other media player to squeeze the potential out of your speakers. Surely you have some unused equipment of these characteristics since it does not have the connectivity options that you need today. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as buying a compatible adapter.

We are talking about a kind of bridge that will allow you to connect an old amplifier via HDMI to any other equipment, be it a multimedia player, Smart TV, new generation console…

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What can you reuse your old AV receiver for?

old AV receiver

There are many reasons why you may be interested take advantage of an old AV receiver so you can connect to other equipment via HDMI. You still have a second residence and you want to improve its acoustic landscape and enjoy your vacations and rest days without investing much money.

Or your AV receiver may break at a time when you can’t afford a new model. Today there is a big problem to buy this type of sound equipment, to the point that the big brands have not presented any new model in the latest edition of CES 2022.

Or you simply want to go back to fiddling with that AV receiver that you enjoyed so much at the time and simply want to find a solution to convert the coaxial signal to HDMI. And the solution is as simple as buying a compatible adapter.

HDMI Adapters for Legacy AV Receiver That Won’t Let You Down

Rear old receiver

As we were saying, the solution to give your old AV receiver a second chance is as simple as buying an HDMI adapter compatible with your equipment. It will not cost you to find models in the market, but we are going to recommend a particular model that will more than meet your expectations.

we talk about this multifunction audio converter for AV receivers that offers multi-interface entries so you can find the one that best suits your needs. It supports almost all sound interface outputs, including Toslink (optical), coaxial, R/L port… You won’t be short of options to connect an old amplifier via HDMI.

This model accepts sample rates including 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz and 192KHz, in addition to having DTS and Dolby-AC3 support. In addition, it is an HDMI adapter that has very good reviews on Amazon, with more than 794 ratings.

If you want to control the audio, they have another perfect adapter for it. We talk about a cDigital to Analog Converter HDMI ARC to 3.5mm Jack and R/L so you can connect your old amplifier or AV receiver and enjoy the best features.

Two adapters that will allow you to give a second life to your old sound equipment so that you can enjoy the best acoustic landscape in an HDMI source, be it your smart TV, AV receiver… Of course, we recommend that you read the characteristics of each one carefully of the two products we recommend to verify that they meet your needs and are compatible with all the equipment you want to connect.

Finally, we invite you to go through our top with the best AV receivers that you can buy in 2021. Perfect models if you want to enjoy the best acoustic landscape and squeeze the possibilities of your sound equipment

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